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At the funeral alongside Biden… After sympathy diplomacy, I went to New York


President Yoon Seok-yeol, who is on a tour of Britain, the United States and Canada, attended the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in London on the 19th local time to express his condolences.

President Yoon’s next destination after finishing his two days and one night in London is New York, where the United Nations General Assembly will be held.

By Bang Hyun-deok.


President Yoon and his wife, dressed in black, exit the hotel and get into the car.

The carriage arrived at Westminster Abbey, England.

Around 250 leaders from all over the world came to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

President Yoon and his wife were seated in the 14th row, two rows behind French President Macron and his wife and US President Biden and his wife.

Before and after the funeral, there were also natural encounters with the leaders of the allies.

After the funeral, he left the Queen’s condolences, “It is an honor to share the same time with the Queen who worked hard to defend freedom and peace.”

President Yoon, who presented the National Medal to Victor Swift, a veteran of the Korean War, expressed his gratitude for the sacrifice of Britain, which sent the second largest number of troops after the United States.

“The Republic of Korea is what it is today thanks to those who sacrificed their lives to fight for the freedom of the people they have never met before.”

Debate arose over ‘negligence’ regarding the cancellation of the Queen’s mourning schedule before the funeral due to local traffic control, but the presidential office rejected the British side with considerable security and ceremonial courtesies.

“It is a shame that even such sadness is being used for domestic politics.”

“After completing sympathy diplomacy in the UK for 1 night and 2 days, President Yoon is flying to New York, USA to give a speech at the UN General Assembly. It seems that there will also be a summit with the US States and Japan.”

This is Bang Hyun-deok from London from Yonhap News TV.

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