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Garza Chocolate ‘Excellent’… Thai drug heaps caught


Last year, more than 120 cases were caught by customs trying to bring the representative drug methamphetamine into Korea.

About half of them were from Thailand.

As a result of a recent joint fight with Thailand by the Customs Service, more smuggling was discovered, but the technique was also clever.

By Lee Jae-dong, staff reporter.


Chocolate sent to Korea from Thailand.

A customs officer was suspicious of sending a product that was readily available in Korea via international mail, and when he cuts the chocolate with a knife, red pills spill out from inside.

A suspicious white powder came out of the cylindrical chair.

When I put it on the test paper and analyzed it, the methamphetamine component was found.


There are also more subtle methods.

Even tried to hide drugs in the back of the suitcase and to pass through the search bar with the methamphetamine hidden inside the coffee mix bag.

As a result of a joint conflict between the customs of the two countries, Korea and Thailand, there have been 35 cases of drug importation from Thailand in the four months since May.

290,000 tablets of a synthetic drug called ‘Yaba’ were released, including 22 kg of methamphetamine, which is an amount that can be given to 3.92 million people at the same time and poisons 230,000 people.

“As the first joint crackdown on narcotics smuggling by the Korea Customs Service with foreign customs authorities, it is a successful case of effectively interdicting narcotics at the border stage through cooperation between customs authorities at the origin and destination of narcotics…”

Last year, 2,339 foreign drug offenders were arrested, 28% of whom were Thai.

In recent years, drug smuggling efforts have been on the rise in Thailand, where drugs are relatively cheap and readily available.

The Korea Customs Service will continue to cooperate with Thai customs authorities to strengthen joint drug control.

This is Yonhap News TV Lee Jae-dong.

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