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[이슈5] All non-metropolitan regulated real estate areas have been raised, etc.

Let’s meet the news you’re paying attention to right now

Except for Sejong City, all the regulated real estate areas in the province have been raised.

We will discuss this in detail with the experts in the next issue’s discussion.

Once in the metropolitan area, Incheon was released from the speculative overheating area as the adjustment target area, and Anseong, Pyeongtaek, Dongducheon, Yangju, and Paju were released from the adjustment target area.

However, most of the real estate regulations in the metropolitan area including Seoul will be maintained due to concerns over rising housing prices again.

For more details, reporter Lee Jae-dong reports.

Controversy erupted online over the black veil fashion of Kim Gun-hee, who attended the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of England with President Yoon Seok-yeol.

Opinions were expressed that this veil ‘is only worn by women of the royal family’ and ‘a dress that does not conform to British manners’.

However, it turned out that the black hat that Kim wore was at the request of the British royal family.

In addition, the spouses of the leaders of France, Brazil and Canada, including First Lady Kim Gun-hee, were caught wearing black hats with a veil at the funeral.

Meanwhile, President Yoon Seok-yeol and First Lady Kim Kun-hee had a meeting with our compatriots in New York.

President Yoon appeared in a dark blue suit with a red tie, and Mrs Kim appeared in a hanbok with an ivory jacket and a light purple skirt.

During the trip, Ms. Kim attracted attention by wearing a Taegeukgi badge on her left chest, just like President Yoon.

In relation to the Shindang Station stalking incident, Seoul Transport Corporation President Kim Sang-beom’s measures to prevent a recurrence are being criticized.

As a countermeasure to prevent this from happening again, “We intend to reduce the number of female staff at the station on duty.

Let’s hear it.

In a statement today, the union raised its voice saying that it would lead to undermining the ability of female employees to work, and that anyone should be able to perform work safely.

Therefore, it is noted that this is not a primary preventive measure.

In the middle of this, Jeon Joo-hwan, a suspect in the Shindang Station murder case, was handed over to the prosecution today.

Jeon decided to commit the crime after receiving a sentence in the court case, after which it was revealed that he committed the crime intentionally, such as digging up information about the victim’s residence and visiting her several times.

Reporter Park Ji-woon presents more details.

KEPCO and 11 of its subsidiaries, which have been suffering from a rapid decline in business recently, were found to have held a performance-based pay feast even while recording losses.

It appears they have paid out about 2.5 trillion won in performance pay over the past five years.

KEPCO announced that it pays performance bonuses according to the government’s evaluation of public institutions.

Meanwhile, KEPCO asked the government to raise electricity rates further, saying that energy costs have risen sharply, resulting in a loss of up to 30 trillion won.

It is said that the shortfall can be avoided by raising the electricity rate to the level of 50 won per kilowatt-hour.

The government was due to decide whether to raise the electricity rate today (21st), but it was temporarily postponed.

The reality version of the Korean Netflix drama ‘Squid Game’, which has taken the world by storm, opens.

Netflix is ​​looking for the last player in the game.

The reality version of the Squid Game reality show will take place in the UK early next year, and will be broadcast as a 10-episode reality TV show.

456 participants are competing for a prize of $4.56 million and KRW 6.3 billion in Korean currency.

Like in the real drama squid game, you won’t get hurt or lose your life if you quit the current rule.

Instead, you must go home empty-handed.

Anyone over 21 who can communicate in English, regardless of nationality, can take part.

There are still seats left, would you like to try?

So far it has been issue 5.

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