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US breaks sanctions on North Korea arms sales to Russia’


The US Treasury Department said North Korea’s arms sales to Russia violate UN Security Council resolutions.

They also made it clear that they would impose additional sanctions if they sell weapons.

It is presented by Bang Joo-hee PD.


The US government has revealed that Russia is buying hundreds of shells and rockets from North Korea for use in the Ukraine war.

“Russia has contacted North Korea to request ammunition. We cannot provide further details at this time, but it shows the difficult situation Russia faces in procuring logistics from Ukraine.”

This time, he warned that if North Korea supplied military equipment to Russia, it would violate UN Security Council sanctions resolutions.

They also made it clear that they would be held accountable by imposing additional sanctions if they supply weapons.

The Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury, Elizabeth Rosenberg, appeared before the US Senate Banking Committee and explained the impact of sanctions against Russia along with these findings.

He stressed that export controls will continue and tighten, making it increasingly difficult for Russia to obtain relevant equipment over time.

“Russia has turned to outdated equipment and is approaching ‘bully countries’ like North Korea and Iran for weapons.”

Deputy Secretary Rosenberg referred to South Korea as one of the countries that participated in the implementation of the largest sanctions in modern history in relation to sanctions against Russia.

The Ministry of Finance said it is launching an aggressive campaign to curb the illegal activities of Russia and Russian facilitators, which it expects to fall into deficit by the end of the year.

This is Yonhap News TV, Bang Joo-hee.

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