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The Korea-Japan Summit in New York after the birth of … Biden’s ‘Standing Talk’ and 48 Seconds


The summit between Korea and Japan was held in New York, USA this morning in our time.

It was a quick 30 minute session.

The two leaders reached a consensus on the need to improve bilateral relations.

Contact local reporters in New York.

Reporter Bang Joon-hyuk.


Yes, the short meeting between the leaders of Korea and Japan took place here in New York, USA.

The summit was held with the two leaders attending the United Nations General Assembly.

This is the first Korea-Japan meeting since the inauguration of President Yoon and the first in two years and nine months.

The two leaders met in a building near the United Nations General Assembly for 30 minutes from 1:23 our time.

At the meeting, the two leaders agreed to work closely together in response to North Korea’s nuclear program, the presidential office said.

In particular, the two leaders agreed on the need to improve bilateral relations and agreed to continue dialogue to resolve pending issues.

This meeting was held in private after a nervous battle between the two sides, and unlike normal cases, the two statements were not made publicly.

It seems that it would have been difficult to have a deep conversation about sensitive issues such as forced labour.

However, the presidential office said it was meaningful as the leaders of both countries had taken the first step to resolve the conflict.


The possibility of a US-Korea summit with President Biden drew attention, but how did that turn out?


Yes, in addition to the Korea-Japan summit, attention was focused on whether the Korea-USA meeting was successful.

First, the leaders of the United States and South Korea met in New York on Korean time.

This is the stage in the conference hall of the ‘Global Fund’ pledge hosted by President Biden.

President Yoon delivered a speech at this meeting at the invitation of President Biden, and after the event, brief greetings were captured for about 48 seconds.

It has not yet been confirmed if additional meetings or conversations have taken place with President Biden since then.

However, at the moment, it can be seen that the South Korea-US summit in the form and content originally expected has not really become difficult.

At the United States-Korea summit held on the occasion of the United Nations General Assembly, interest was raised as to whether a discussion on the issue of discrimination against Korean electric vehicles under the Inflation Reduction Act would be held. .

This is Junhyeok Bang from Yonhap News TV in New York.

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