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Ronaldo leads Manchester United to victory Recruitment ‘Proof’


In the European Champions League, there was a great match.

Manchester United turned the game around after conceding two goals to Atalanta.

It was again Cristiano Ronaldo who put an end to the great victories.

Correspondent Hong Seok-jun.


Manchester United finished the first half suffocatingly, conceding two goals to Atalanta first.

But the second half was different.

Atalanta’s mistake was turned into a brilliant kill pass by Bruno Fernandes, and Rashford broke the net with an explosive move.

Maguire then receives a cross and equalizes the goal.

In the match that became the origin, Ronaldo divided the game,

Ronaldo finished off Luke Shaw’s sharp early cross with a header with a high RBI, ending the comeback victory.

Ronaldo’s 137th Champions League goal set the match, and Manchester United took the top spot in the group with two straight wins.

“Ronaldo did everything he had to do as a centre-forward. Among them, the comeback goal was the best he had shown in this match.”

Chelsea, who met at home with Malmö, showed off their offensive attack.

Christensen opened the door with a great half-volley shot.

Jorginho, ‘a strong candidate for the Ballon d’Or’, slowly succeeded in the PK that Lukaku had obtained, and Havertz scored an additional goal with a sensational shot.

Jorginho scored a multi-goal through another PK, and Chelsea beat Malmö 4-0.

Barcelona finally scored their first Champions League goal after three matches.

The ‘goal-scoring defender’ Pique put his foot on Alba’s cross and knocked down Dynamo Kyiv’s defense.

Barcelona won their first Champions League victory 1-0.

This is Yonhap News TV Hong Seok-jun. ([email protected])

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