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North Korea “Soon to launch reconnaissance satellite in June … real-time monitoring of US military actions”


Ri Pyong-chol, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party of Korea, said the launch of a reconnaissance satellite would take place in June.

Expected in early June.

He also threatened that the reconnaissance satellite would monitor US military actions in real time.

This is reporter Han Sang-yong.


Yes, Ri Pyong-cheol, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party of Korea, publicly announced his position to strengthen self-defense in relation to military tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

The first military reconnaissance satellite “was soon to be launched in June,” and various reconnaissance methods “were planned to be tested anew,” he said via the Korean Central News Agency.

At the same time, the reconnaissance satellite “is indispensable for tracking, monitoring, and determining the military actions of the United States and its followers in real time, preventing and preparing in advance, and strengthening the military readiness of the armed forces of the Republic ( North Korea).”

Previously, North Korea informed Japan yesterday that it would launch a satellite between 0:00 on the 31st of this month and 0:00 on June 11th, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) regional navigation area coordinator.

However, with today’s announcement, the reconnaissance satellite’s launch date has been further narrowed down to early June.

Vice Chairman Ri Byung-cheol repeatedly emphasized that the launch of the reconnaissance satellite was a “self-defense measure” in response to military actions such as the extended ROK-US deterrence.

The ongoing ROK-US joint firepower destruction exercise and the Initiative to Prevent the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) international maritime interdiction exercises to be held at the PSI high-level meeting, the Washington Declaration recently adopted by the leaders of the United States and South Korea, and the US strategic nuclear submarine visit to Korea He criticized that the radius of action and monitoring rights of the assets covers not only the northwestern region, including Pyongyang, but also the depths of neighboring countries and the metropolitan area.

At the same time, he threatened to convert comprehensive and practical war prevention strengthening activities into more thorough actions, saying that such an environment “requires the highest priority to ensure reconnaissance and intelligence methods.”

This is Yonhap News TV Han Sang-yong.

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