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President Yoon Dismisses Korea Communications Commission Chairman Han Sang-hyeok … “Unable to perform normal duties”

Today (30th) President Yoon Seok-yeol approved the dismissal of Chairman Han Sang-hyuk of the Korea Communications Commission.

Chairman Han, who was appointed during the time of former President Moon Jae-in, was accused without being retained for being involved in the manipulation of the screening score for the re-approval of the comprehensive program.

The Office of the President revealed that Chairman Han did not fulfill his duty of command and supervision of staff at all in the process of re-approving the comprehensive program, and also betrayed fairness as the head of the Korea Communications Commission.

In addition, he explained that he was being dismissed because he was unable to perform his normal duties as chairman of the Korea Communications Commission, such as being criminally prosecuted for directly committing serious crimes such as abuse of power and instructions to create false public documents.

Chairman Han’s original term runs until the end of July.

Reporter Bang Hyeon-deok (

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