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[단독/자막뉴스] ‘Don’t ask foreigners to kick’ Busan woman… “I have no intention of apologizing”

While a foreign woman is looking at clothes in a clothing store, a middle-aged woman standing next to her suddenly kicks her.

A woman is stunned by the sudden attack, but the middle-aged woman suddenly disappears.

The foreign woman sheds tears, and the shop owner runs to comfort her.

Last weekend, videos and related stories were posted on the American community website ‘Reddit’, and more than thousands of views and more than 500 comments were posted criticizing the perpetrator.

This article is currently down.

“Unfortunately, when and where the incident in Busan happened was not shown in the post. Based on the video, I was able to find the store as a result of inquiry.”

The victim was an American, and the incident happened around 5:30pm on the 25th.

“Do you know why that person is doing this to you? (In Korean using smartphone) He interpreted it and showed it to me. What can I say. (The woman who was beaten) she seems to have a bit of a headache. . .

The foreign woman who was attacked stopped at a nearby subway station office to ask for help, and with the help of an employee, called the police.

During the interview, he encountered a woman who appeared to be the perpetrator, but said he had no intention of apologizing.

“I don’t want to meet. (You don’t want to apologize?) No.”

Police said they have identified the woman as the perpetrator and are carrying out further investigations.

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