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Once again, the head of the election commissioner bowed his head… “Investigate all workers up to 4th degree”


Election Commissioner Roh Tae-ak bowed his head and apologized again for the suspicion of preferential employment for the children of high-ranking executives.

In order to restore trust that has fallen to the ground, the National Election Commission decided to request an investigation into the parts that could not be revealed through the audit, and to investigate all current and former employees up to the fourth degree .

Reported by Reporter Cha Seung-eun.


On the 30th, the first day of the emergency committee, National Election Commission Chairman Noh Tae-ak said, “I feel sorry for the people.”

The next day, I bowed my head with an apology once more.

“As head of the National Electoral Commission, I sincerely apologise.”

He also drew up plans to innovate the organization and improve the personnel system, saying it would restore trust.

First, it was decided that four people, including Secretary General Park Chan-jin of the National Election Commission and Deputy Secretary General Song Bong-seop, were asked to investigate, saying that not all doubts could be resolved through a special investigation.

A full accounting survey is also carried out for all current and former employees.

The scope of the survey was extended from parents and children to fourth cousins, regardless of grade level.

Aware of the criticism that it was an internal investigation, he accepted the investigation by the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission, and is in a position to receive an investigation by the National Assembly and an audit by the Audit and Inspection Board.

“If the parliamentary investigation is carried out as much as possible, we are ready to risk preparing for everything. Therefore, we are prepared to be examined in all areas.”

The recruitment system will also be completely improved.

It was decided to make public recruitment a principle, and completely eliminate the ‘non-majority career recruitment’, which was a problem.

100% of the interviewers were commissioned from outside.

The post of general secretary, which became vacant due to the resignation of General Secretary Park, decided to open it to the outside world, breaking a 35-year-old custom.

For internal monitoring, an audit committee focused on external personnel is introduced, and a personnel verification committee is also established for political positions such as the general secretary.

Chairman Noh Tae-ak drew a line about the pressure of resigning the passport, saying, “There is no plan at this time.”

Attention is focused on whether the National Election Commission will be able to settle the debate and normalize the institution with this countermeasure.

I am Cha Seung-eun from Yonhap News TV at the Central Election Commission in Gwacheon. (

Yonhap News TV article inquiries and reports: Kakao Talk/Line jebo23



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