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[날씨클릭] ‘Summer is coming’… Midday heat around 30 degrees, inland showers


Today, the summer heat of more than 30 degrees will come across the country.

The rain in the south coast and Jeju will stop, and showers will come all over the interior.

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Caster Han Ga-hyun, how hot will the weather be today?


Yes, the central region will experience heat during the day similar to yesterday.

The temperature will rise significantly in the southern regions and become hotter.

Let’s look at the detailed temperature graph.

Seoul’s daytime temperature will be as hot as yesterday in the middle of the day at 27 degrees.

The temperature will rise more than 10 degrees higher than yesterday, especially in the southern region.

Jinju, Gyeongnam, which showed a maximum temperature of 17.6 degrees yesterday, will be 13.4 degrees higher than yesterday with a daytime temperature of 31 degrees.

In Suncheon, the temperature will rise suddenly.

With the heat reaching over 30 degrees in the middle of the day across the country, you can feel that summer is seriously approaching.

Let’s take a closer look at daytime temperatures by region.

Chuncheon and Seoul are expected to be 27 degrees, Daejeon and Jeonju, and Gwangju and Busan to be 28 degrees.

Daegu will rise to 29 degrees inside and outside.

Other regions will also see heat approaching 30 degrees.

The reason why the temperature rises so much is because the rain has stopped and the summer sun is shining brightly through the clouds.

In the south coast and Jeju, where it rained until early morning, the rain has almost stopped.

There will be many clouds in the sky across the country today.

As a result, the ozone concentration will be high in the metropolitan area, Chungcheong, Yeongnam, and Jeonnam, where sunlight is strong.

From morning to afternoon, there will be areas with inland showers due to atmospheric instability.

Showers of 5 to 20 mm in inland Gangwon and eastern Gyeongbuk, and about 5 mm in eastern Gyeonggi and northern Chungbuk, along with gusts and lightning, may become high.

It often rained during the weekends and holidays.

Skies are expected to be mostly sunny this weekend and Memorial Day.

The midday heat will continue.

It was a weather click.

(Han Ga-hyun weatherman)

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