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UN Security Council, 3-day meeting on North Korean reconnaissance satellite launch… US assembly request


The United States requested and organized a meeting of the United Nations Security Council regarding North Korea’s attempt to launch a military reconnaissance satellite.

There were also comments that another satellite launch was imminent.

Reporter Kim Ji-haul reports.


Nate Evans, spokesman for the US mission to the United Nations, said that the US had called for a meeting of the Security Council to address North Korea’s military reconnaissance satellite launch.

In addition to the United States, Albania, Ecuador, France, Japan, Malta and the United Kingdom also participated in this request.

The Security Council announced on its website that it would hold a meeting on the issue of ‘non-proliferation in North Korea’ at 3:00 pm local time on the 2nd, and early on the 3rd, Korean time.

The meeting will be held as an open meeting, and it is known that Korea will attend as an interested party, although it is not a member of the Security Council.

Meanwhile, whenever North Korea launches a long-range ballistic missile, the United States, Japan, and European countries have demanded that a meeting of the Security Council be held.

The international community criticizes that the launch is in violation of the Security Council’s sanctions resolution as it uses ballistic missile technology.

North Korea’s space development agency acknowledged the failure of the first military reconnaissance satellite launch, but is in a position to launch a second attempt as soon as possible.

In fact, there was also analysis that North Korea had already started preparing for the second test.

Based on commercial satellite images, NK News, a North Korean media outlet, explained that for several days before D-Day, busy movements could be seen at the existing launch pad, not the new launch pad at the Seohae Satellite Launch Station, where the launch took place. this launch. place.

Given that the navigation warning for North Korean ships is still in effect until dawn on the 11th, it is believed that the same type of launch attempt can be made from the current launch pad.

He also predicted that North Korea could issue a new navigation warning.

Meanwhile, North Korea reacted nervously to the UN and NATO condemnation of the satellite launch, saying not to infringe on its ‘right to self-defence’.

This is Kim Ji-haul’s Yonhap News. (

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