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Kim Nam-guk’s ‘money debate’, judicial committee, education committee… W “Harm” Yes “Write conflict of interest”


Representative Kim Nam-guk, who withdrew from the Democratic Party after a controversy over having large amounts of virtual assets, moved his standing committee from the National Assembly Judiciary Committee to the Education Committee.

When the National Assembly’s disciplinary process against Representative Kim began, both the opposition and opposition parties gave mixed evaluations.

Reporter Jang Yoon-hee reports.


This is the list of members updated on the National Assembly Education Committee website.

At the end, there is a photo and the new name of Congressman Kim Nam-guk.

The National Assembly explained that it had assigned Representative Kim, an independent member, to the Education Committee, considering that the Education Committee was a standing committee without non-parliamentary members.

The power of the Speaker of the National Assembly is to modify standing committees of legislators who are not negotiating groups.

Prior to that, Congressman Kim co-sponsored the virtual asset tax deferment bill in a situation where he had a large amount of coins, and was also involved in a ‘conflict of interest’ controversy, and it was expressed that the activities of the Judiciary Committee is inappropriate.

However, the people’s power, the ruling party, voiced criticism over Congressman Kim’s move to the Education Committee, saying, “What are you going to teach?”

People’s Power Representative Kim Ki-hyun met with reporters at the National Assembly and said, “Representative Kim is resigning and the Democratic Party is cooperating with the expulsion of the legislature.”

Representative Jo Gyeong-tae, an education member of the People’s Power, protested, saying, “It will damage the education system, and it is the same as asking to get rid of the Education Committee.”

However, Kim Young-ho, secretary of the Democratic Party’s education committee, said in a Yonhap News television call, “Representative Kim will have a debate no matter which standing committee it is.”

“Congressman Kim appears to have been assigned to this standing committee because the education committee has the least conflict of interest in virtual assets,” he said.

At the time when the disciplinary process of the special ethics committee of the National Assembly began against Representative Kim, it seems that the conflict between the ruling and the opposition parties regarding the removal of this education committee has widened.

The Ethics Review Advisory Committee within the National Assembly’s Special Committee on Ethics will hold its first meeting on the disciplinary plan for Congressman Kim on the 8th, and will decide on the level of disciplinary action by the 29th.

This is Yonhap News TV Jang Yoon-hee. (

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