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South Korea, US and Japan condemn North Korea’s reconnaissance satellites… “Sharing real-time alarm information to act within the year”


The defense ministers of Korea, the United States and Japan met on the occasion of the ‘Shangri-La Dialogue’ at the Asian Security Conference held in Singapore.

He strongly condemned the recent launch of North Korea’s reconnaissance satellite, and decided to activate North Korea’s missile warning information sharing system within this year.

This is Reporter Harim Goo.


Defense Minister Lee Jong-seop, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, and Japanese Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada strongly condemned North Korea’s launch of a reconnaissance satellite on the 31st of last month through a joint press release in immediately after the meeting.

These ministers said that North Korea’s launch of long-range ballistic missiles in the name of satellites is in violation of the United Nations Security Council’s decision to ban any launch using ballistic missile technology, and decided to respond strictly in cooperation with the international community.

There was also discussion regarding the real-time sharing system of North Korean missile warning information among the three countries agreed at the Phnom Penh summit last year.

The Ministry of National Defense announced that it has decided to activate a real-time missile warning information sharing mechanism within this year to improve the capabilities of South Korea, the United States and Japan to detect and evaluate North Korean missiles.

In addition, they agreed to regulate anti-submarine warfare training and maritime missile defense training, which will contribute to deterring the North Korean threat.

In addition, the recent normalization of the General Security of Military Information Agreement and GSOMIA between Korea and Japan was recently welcomed, and the importance of building trust-related defense between the countries of the region was agreed upon.

Regarding the Taiwan Strait, they expressed concern about actions that do not comply with international law, such as the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, and aimed to avoid China, saying that it is important to fully respect the international order .

In a speech at the Asian Security Council plenary, Minister Lee Jong-seop also criticized North Korea as “the only country that threatens to preemptively strike a specific country using nuclear weapons.”

“North Korea’s behavior is a clear violation of UN Security Council resolutions and violates the 1991 agreement between the two Koreas that declared the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

Minister Lee will hold bilateral talks with major countries such as Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, and the European Union as well as China and Japan following the Korea-US-Japan talks.

This is Goo Harim from Yonhap News TV. (

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