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Will the National Electoral Commission accept the Audit and Inspection Board’s audit? election of a ‘vacant’ female supreme council


The National Electoral Commission, surrounded by suspicions of ‘preferential hiring’ for the children of high-ranking executives, is again debating whether to accept the Audit and Inspection Board’s audit.

Attention is focused on whether the National Electoral Commission will change its position under the intense pressure of the passport.

Let’s contact reporters from the National Assembly to find out more.

Reporter Jang Hyo-in.


Yes, the National Electoral Commission will discuss again whether the Audit and Inspection Board’s audit should be accepted at the meeting today (9th).

Before that, the National Electoral Commission refused to investigate, saying that neutrality and independence as a constitutional institution were being violated, but criticism from the ruling party was strong.

In addition to encouraging appreciation, the power of the people has been pressing, such as adopting a resolution demanding the resignation of Roh Tae-ak, the chairman of the National Election Commission, and all the members.

There is also the possibility that the NEC will accept a partial or temporary audit of the position of the Audit and Inspection Board.

Electoral Commissioner Roh Tae-ak announced that he would “review as a proposal” how to receive partial gratitude for his way to work.

At the same time, he did not stick to his seat, but drew a line in the ruling party’s request for resignation, saying that it was not a responsible attitude for the person and the members to withdraw immediately.

It is expected that there will be a lot of pain before the National Election Commission’s government investigation is realized.

The ruling and opposition parties agreed yesterday (8th) to investigate the state affairs of the National Assembly by combining the suspicion of preferential recruitment by the National Election Commission and the suspicion of covering up hacking from North Korea.

However, the power of the people, Jae-ok Yoon, the floor leader, nailed the position that “the National Election Commission’s investigation into state affairs must be done after the inspection of duties by the Audit and Inspection Board.”

In response, Park Kwang-on, the floor leader of the Democratic Party, said, “An audit of the Audit and Inspection Board cannot be a prerequisite for an investigation of state affairs by the National Election Commission.”


Find out what’s next.

Are the ruling party and the opposition noisy over personnel issues?


Yes, firstly, the power of the people opens the National Committee today (9th) and elects a new main member.

The vacant position of Tae Young-ho, who voluntarily resigned due to various ‘snow stories’, will be filled.

This election will be held in ‘three rounds’.

Garam Kim, a youth spokesman, Jong-bae Lee, a member of the Seoul Metropolitan Council, and Kang-jeong Cheon, a former member of the People’s Power Convention, are candidates for the supreme council.

Candidate Ga-ram Kim emphasized that he was from Honam in his 40s, Seoul City Council member Lee Jong-bae emphasized that he would represent young people and their parents, and Candidate Kang-jeong Cheon emphasized that he would n consider the happiness of the people. .

The winners will be announced at around 2pm.

In the Democratic Party, aftershocks following the resignation of Lee Rae-kyung, the innovation chairman, continue.

Criticism poured in from inside and outside the party that they were facing a bigger crisis in trying to overcome the ‘money envelope skepticism’ or the ‘penny skepticism’.

It is a situation where criticisms of ‘poor verification’ are focused on the screaming world and voices saying that CEO Lee Jae-myeong should quit himself.

The Democratic Party is looking for a successor, but the atmosphere is not good.

Some say that, rather than external personnel who have ‘validation risk’, there is an opinion that a person with a sense of stability should be sitting.

Attention is focused on how CEO Lee Jae-myung will solve the two difficult problems of the innovation chairman’s personnel and the factional conflict within the party.

So far, it has been presented in the National Assembly. (

Yonhap News TV article inquiries and reports: Kakao Talk/Line jebo23



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