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Kim Eun-joong, an unfortunate loss to Italy… The Frustration of the Final


The under-20 football team led by coach Kim Eun-joong lost to Italy in the semi-finals of the under-20 World Cup.

The national team failed to realize their dream of progressing to the final twice in a row when they conceded the winning goal from a free kick to Italy at the end of the second half.

Let’s contact reporters to hear more details.

Reporter Lee Seung-guk.


Yes, the national team conceded the first goal to Italy in the 14th minute.

Casadei, who had been the leading scorer with 6 goals before this game, split our first net with a right footed mid-range shot.

However, our national team equalized less than 10 minutes later.

In the 23rd minute of the first half, Bae Jun-ho was pushed and fell by an Italian player in the penalty area, and a penalty was declared after video review.

Lee Seung-won, who started as the kicker, calmly kicked the ball with his right foot to tie the game 1-1.

Even in the second half, both teams battled back and forth.

Italy’s painful winning goal came in the 41st minute of the second half.

Italy’s Papundi scored from a free kick right in front of our penalty box.

The match ended 1-2, and unfortunately our national team, who were aiming for two consecutive finals following second place in the 2019 Polish tournament, were pushed back to the 3rd- 4th place.

The national team will play Israel, who lost 0-1 to Uruguay in the previous semi-final, in the 3rd and 4th places at dawn on Monday.

So far, the Ministry of Sports and Culture has told us. (

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