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Aftershock of Xing Haiming’s ‘betting’ comments… NEC thanks nerve conduction



The political aftershock continues over Chinese Ambassador to Korea Xing Haiming’s strong criticism of the Korean government’s foreign policy.

The battle for responsibility continues between the opposition parties and the opposition parties.

There was also a war of nerves regarding the acceptance of the audit part of the Audit and Inspection Board of the Central Election Commission.

This is reporter Choi Ji-sook.


China’s ambassador to Korea, Xing Haiming, met with Lee Jae-myeong, head of the Democratic Party, who criticized the Korean government’s foreign policy.

In a commentary by spokesperson Kim Min-soo, People’s Power criticized it as “the epitome of abusive diplomacy,” saying, “People’s anger is full of diplomatic violence that has crossed the line.”

The arrow was also aimed at the Democratic Party and Representative Lee Jae-myung.

Representative Kim Ki-hyun singled out Lee on social media, saying, “The national hero is neglecting and cringing in front of China, an aggressive country.”

On the other hand, Representative Lee met with reporters after attending the June 10 Democratic Uprising ceremony today and said, “The Chinese government’s attitude is not appropriate, but it is more important to find a direction to cooperate for the national interest.” “That is diplomacy,” he emphasized.

“We need to think how to reduce the deficit with China and make the Myeongdong area crowded with Chinese tourists again,” he said. “It is not the attitude of the ruling party in charge of state affairs to disparage such efforts.”

Although the National Electoral Commission has already announced its intention to accept a partial examination regarding the suspicion of preferential employment for the children of executive officers, a war of nerves continued between the opposition parties and the opposition parties over this.

The people’s power continued their insults against the National Electoral Commission, saying that it was a “disgusting disgrace without reflection” and a “spy”.

At the same time, he once again urged all election commissioners to resign and receive a full audit.

On the other hand, the Democratic Party is in the position that the Audit and Inspection Board will also review the investigation into state affairs when the Audit and Inspection Board forces a full audit of the National Election Commission, a constitutional institution independent.

Park Kwang-on, the floor leader, said, “We will conduct a strict and strict investigation by the government regarding the hiring irregularities,” but stressed, “We will thoroughly prevent any attempt to undermine the neutrality of the National Election Commission.”

This is Choi Ji-sook from Yonhap News TV.

Yonhap News TV article inquiries and reports: Kakao Talk/Line jebo23



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