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President Moon Meets Pope Francis Attention to discussion of visit to North Korea


President Moon Jae-in, who is visiting Rome, Italy, meets with Pope Francis today.

Discussions about the Pope’s visit to North Korea and the promotion of the peace process on the Korean Peninsula are expected to take place.

Reporter Lim Hye-jun reports from Rome.


On the second day of his visit to Rome, President Moon Jae-in meets with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

This is the second meeting between President Moon and Pope Francis since President Moon took office.

Previously, President Moon visited the Vatican in 2018 to meet Pope Francis.

This meeting is expected to mainly discuss the current situation on the Korean Peninsula and the government’s peace process on the Korean Peninsula.

President Moon is expected to explain the government’s efforts to establish peace on the Korean Peninsula and the plan for an end-of-war declaration, and reaffirm the Pope’s unwavering support for peace.

Above all, it is noteworthy that there will be an exchange of opinions on the Pope’s visit to North Korea in the interview.

At the time of his visit to the Vatican in 2018, President Moon expressed his intention to invite Chairman Kim Jong-un to visit North Korea on behalf of the Pope.

Pope Francis has said that he will visit North Korea without conditions if an official invitation comes from North Korea.

In fact, Pope Francis is said to have a strong will to visit North Korea, as he personally persuaded those in the Vatican who were disapproving of his visit to North Korea.

Unification Minister Lee In-young is also present at the meeting with Pope Francis.

Analysts say that the Minister of Unification, not the main ministry, is present to have a more in-depth dialogue on the Korean Peninsula issue.

This is Yonhap News TV Lim Hye-jun from Rome. ([email protected])

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