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“The first patient with COVID-19 was a street vendor at a fish market in Wuhan, China”



It has been claimed that the first patient of Corona 19 was a street vendor working at a seafood market in Wuhan, China.

Even the patient’s name was published in the paper.

The World Health Organization initially identified an accountant in Wuhan, unrelated to the market, as the first patient.

Controversy over the origin of COVID-19 is still ongoing.

This is PD Bang Joo-hee.


An expert’s analysis showed that the COVID-19 that shook the world started at the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan, China.

Dr. Michael Warroby, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Arizona, USA, analyzed genetic data, existing papers, and media reports and published a paper reconstructing the initial situation of the pandemic in December 2019 in the international scientific journal Science.

According to the thesis, 10 out of 19 initial confirmed cases were directly or indirectly connected to the Huanan Fish Market, such as working or visiting the market.

Dr. Worobi said that the first patient with COVID-19 was a woman named Wei Guishan, a seafood vendor in Huanan Market.

This completely reverses the World Health Organization’s designation of the first patient by Chun, an accountant in Wuhan, unrelated to the Huanan market.

Dr. Warroby analyzed that Chun actually showed symptoms of COVID-19 on December 16, not December 8, and that the symptoms of a female street vendor began on December 11.

“The live wildlife market is strong evidence that the origin of the pandemic is strong,” he said, citing the fact that most of the early patients from the Huanan market visited areas selling raccoons.

If the contents of the paper are correct, the US media evaluated that the COVID-19 pandemic started in the Huanan market and suggests the possibility that the virus was transmitted from infected wild animals to humans.

However, some say that it is difficult to conclude that Corona 19 first started in the Huanan market from this paper alone, and there are also reactions that other possibilities, such as the leak of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, cannot be ruled out.

This is Yonhap News TV’s Bang Joo-hee.

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