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Signs of dissolution of global supply chain ahead of year-end special… “Improvement first in Asia”


Countries around the world are struggling with global supply chain problems.
It is an analysis that this problem is gradually showing signs of improvement, led by the Asian region.

In the United States, there is interest in whether the logistics crisis can be alleviated ahead of the year-end special.

Correspondent Han Sang-yong


A global supply chain shock pointed to as the cause of the logistics crisis along with inflation around the world.

Supply has not been able to keep up with the explosively increased demand after the COVID-19 crisis, putting pressure on the global economy.

As the holiday season approaches, the supply chain crisis shows signs of dissolving, reports the Wall Street Journal.

In particular, it is analyzed that signs of supply chain dissolution are appearing first in Asia.

Factory utilization rates in major Asian producing countries are recovering to their former levels.

In China, which has suffered from power shortages, the operation of coal power plants has helped some companies’ production capacity to return to a generally normal level since last month.

In Vietnam, the production capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises that make furniture for export has reached 80% of the previous level.

It is even evaluated that the worst situation has passed since the logistical congestion in US ports has improved.

Trans-Pacific freight rates fell by more than a quarter in mid-March, and the number of ships waiting to arrive at the largest U.S. port dropped from 86 to 71 in three days.

U.S. retailers are also working on self-rescue efforts ahead of ‘Black Friday’, a large discount event, and the Christmas special, hoping that logistics will be somewhat refreshed.

“I haven’t received the ones I ordered over the summer and may not receive them in the future. But some have arrived. I’m trying to find replacements for people to choose from.”

However, it will take more time to resolve the supply chain crisis if bad factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic and bad weather recur.

This is Yonhap News, Han Sang-yong.

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