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“Russia will invade Ukraine in January or February next year”… US gets the scenario


After the forcible annexation of Crimea in 2014 in Ukraine, where pro-Western and pro-Russian forces are divided into east and west, wars are escalating again.

The United States has acquired a scenario of a Russian invasion of Ukraine early next year and has shared it with its European allies.

Correspondent Park Jin-hyung.


The Military Times reported that Russia could invade Ukraine early next year.

The media quoted the head of Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence Agency as saying, “Russia has assembled more than 92,000 troops at the border with Ukraine and is preparing for an invasion in late January or early February next year.”

According to the analysis of the Ukrainian military, Russia is expected to launch large-scale operations such as artillery and cavalry attacks on the eastern border of Ukraine and Crimea, and amphibious forces will enter through the Black Sea from the south of Ukraine.

In the north, small-scale invasions are carried out through Belarus and others.

It is an analysis that it will lead to military aggression unless the regime of Ukraine, which is friendly to the West, is replaced.

Bloomberg reports that the analysis goes further, reporting that the US had obtained a scenario of a Russian invasion and shared it with some NATO member states last week.

In this scenario, Russia mobilized 100 tactical battalions of about 100,000 men to advance into Ukraine through Russia, Crimea and Belarus.

In response, Russia accused the United States of inciting fear, and the US Secretary of State claimed that Russia’s intentions were not clear, but that he knew the script.

Relations between Russia and Ukraine, which were one country during the former Soviet Union, deteriorated with the establishment of a pro-Western regime in Ukraine in early 2014.

President Putin seized the Crimean Peninsula, which was then an autonomous republic of Ukraine, by force and forcibly annexed it through a referendum, and the West, including the United States, imposed economic sanctions on Russia.

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