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The ripples still remain… “The IOC I spoke to is also an accomplice to China’s human rights violations”


The International Olympic Committee and the IOC had a video call with Chinese tennis star Feng Xiaoyi, who had been missing for a while, to confirm Peng’s survival and safety.

Human rights groups have accused the IOC of being an accomplice in human rights violations in China.

It is delivered by Bang Joo-hee PD.


On the 21st, International Olympic Committee and IOC President Thomas Bach had a video call directly with Chinese tennis star Feng Shunyi, who was rumored to be missing after he revealed that he had been sexually assaulted by former Deputy Prime Minister Zhang Ga-ori.

The IOC claimed that it was a video call that confirmed Feng’s safety, but critics were pouring in that he was actually a bridesmaid of the Chinese government.

International human rights groups such as Amnesty have unanimously accused the IOC of being an accomplice in human rights violations in China.

It is also possible that the currency itself went through permission and censorship by the Chinese government.

“In the past, we’ve seen a lot of cases where people only had to talk about what they were told by coercion. The call between the IOC and Feng Shui is insufficient to ensure she has freedom of expression, freedom of movement and safety.”

Human Rights Watch called for a diplomatic boycott of governments around the world, saying, “The IOC is only focused on making the Olympics run smoothly at any cost.”

The Chinese government has dismissed the rumors of Peng’s disappearance as merely malicious propaganda.

“Shei Peng has recently been involved in several public activities, including a video call with the IOC Chairman. Certain people need to stop maliciously propaganda or politicizing.”

In the midst of this, a British tennis player claiming that Chairman Bach, who gave strength to Peng’s ‘safety’, is close to former Deputy Prime Minister Zhang Gaori, is spreading ripples.

Meanwhile, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has decided to attend the Olympic opening ceremony while the West, including the United States and Britain, are showing diplomatic boycotts of the Beijing Winter Olympics due to China’s human rights issues.

China’s Foreign Ministry stressed that the two countries are discussing specific issues, saying that President Putin readily accepted President Xi Jinping’s invitation.

This is Yonhap News TV’s Bang Joo-hee.

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