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[SNS핫피플] Sweden’s first female prime minister resigns 12 hours after being elected

SNS hot people.

▶ Sweden’s first female prime minister resigns 12 hours after election

Let’s look at the first Hot People of the day.

Sweden’s first female prime minister resigned less than a day after being elected.

According to Reuters, Magdalena Andersson, leader of the ruling Social Democratic Party of Sweden, resigned as prime minister on the 24th local time when the Green Party, a minority coalition government partner, withdrew from the coalition and the budget she submitted was rejected.

However, as the head of a single-party government, he has expressed his intention to envision a new government in the general election next year.

▶ Real-life ‘squid game’ event held in Italy

This is the second hot people.

The Netflix drama ‘The Squid Game’, which was popular around the world, was reproduced in Italy and drew attention.

As in the drama, a person with a bag proposes a ticket, puts people in a black car, and goes somewhere.

Then, we played various games that appeared in the drama, such as Mugunghwa Flower Blooming, Dalgona Gacha, etc.

This experience event was organized by an event company in Italy.

The winner doesn’t get a big prize money like in the drama, but it is said that they are given the opportunity to participate for free once.

Until now, it was SNS hot people.

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