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BTS soaring beyond the iron bars… ARMY’s ‘Techang’ in a mask


BTS held a face-to-face concert in the US for the second day.

Some performances were released to the press.

As if to break the frustration of the past, he appeared with the iron window open, and the fans responded with a ‘swarm’ in the mask.

Correspondent Lee Kyung-hee reported from Los Angeles.


BTS appeared with the iron windows open as if to symbolize them who broke out of the past two years of being locked up by Corona 19.

Sofai Stadium explodes with shouts as if it is about to leave, and they perform violent dance moves in front of back-up dancers wearing masks and costumes reminiscent of protective suits.

In the following song ‘Burning’, flames rose from behind the iron bars as if it contained the desire to overcome Corona 19 and enjoy freedom.

BTS, who performed three songs in succession, conveyed their longing for the past by saying that they wanted to see them with one voice.

“Shout, we are BTS.”

“Long time no see. I missed you.”

“I really miss you all.”

“I missed you ARMY.”

The 53,000 ARMYs were still absorbed in the choreography and dynamic movements, and BTS and ARMY became one in an instant, despite the passing of time.

Like the concert title ‘Permission to Dance on Stage’, the venue was a festival venue where literally anyone could dance with anyone.

ARMYs around the world, who eagerly waited for this time, enjoyed the joy of ‘Techang’ after a long time while wearing masks, singing along and waving freely.

BTS also performed stages that they had never been able to show in front of fans in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as dynamite and butter.

On the stage of Butter, Megan D. Stallion, who featured in the remix version, made a surprise appearance.

They tried to perform together at the American Music Awards, but it was a disappointment.

Sofai Stadium said that it was the first time that BTS sold out 4 performances since it opened last year, and it is the record for the most ticket sales among artists performing at the same venue.

BTS will continue their concerts on the 1st and 2nd of next month local time, and the last performance will be broadcast live online.

The world is paying attention to the future steps of BTS, which announced a new start with the resumption of face-to-face concerts.

This is Kyunghee Lee from Yonhap News TV in Los Angeles.

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