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The volleyball world’s ‘hate’ IBK… Refusal to shake hands, public criticism


The women’s volleyball IBK IBK crisis is not slowing down.

It seems that even volleyball players are turning their backs on IBK’s unconventional team management.

Correspondent Hong Seok-jun.


There was an unusual scene from last weekend’s game.

GS Caltex manager Cha Sang-hyeon refused to shake hands with the opposing team, IBK’s acting manager Kim Sa-ni.

Coach Cha said, “I have a lot to say, but it can flow strangely regardless of performance.”

Pepper Savings Bank director Kim Hyung-sil, the ‘oldest’, also bitterly said, “IBK is shaking hands.”

The gaze on the IBK crisis from inside and outside the court is cold.

Previously, IBK fired manager Seo Nam-won, asking for responsibility for team feuds.

Instead, he entrusted the temporary baton to coach Kim Sani, who left the team with captain Jo Song-hwa.

Acting coach Kim Sani, who returned, attributed the reason for the trespass to manager Seo Nam-won, but

“He was angry with me in front of all the players and all the staff, saying, ‘You have to take responsibility,’ and a truly unexpected, unspeakable insult…”

Director Seo Nam-won refuted it head-on.

“I don’t know how much abusive language I can’t put into my mouth… I’ve never used abusive language that I can’t put into my mouth…”

Since then, acting coach Kim Sani seems to have changed his mind.

Moreover, it is questionable whether IBK is willing to resolve the situation.

“Coach Kim Sani is a temporary agent,” but he has been keeping his mouth shut about the appointment of a new coach after that, and Cho Song-hwa announced the voluntary termination.

Industrial Bank of Korea only escalates the situation and has no ability to solve it. They are becoming the public enemy of the volleyball world by arranging nothing but revamped books.

This is Yonhap News TV Hong Seok-jun. ([email protected])

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