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K-contents using a pandemic opportunity to captivate the world


Despite the pandemic, K-contents captivated viewers around the world.

Following the ‘Squid Game’ syndrome, ‘Hell’ gained popularity and opened a new Korean Wave.

Based on the diversified online video platform, the heyday of K-content is expected to continue.

Correspondent Hyo-Jeong Park.


The protagonist of this year’s Hallyu content craze, the ‘squid game’ is undoubtedly.

After its release on Netflix, it topped the charts worldwide for 46 days, and in just one month, 111 million households watched it, becoming the most popular content on Netflix ever.

It is also the first Korean drama to be nominated for the American Golden Globe TV series and will challenge for the award on the 9th of next month.

“You seem to empathize a lot. It’s the same thing happening in any country, so it seems like the whole world sympathizes a lot…”

The Korean drama craze led by ‘Squid Game’ led to other content, creating the modifier ‘Korean content that you can trust and watch’.

‘My Name’, starring Han So-hee, ranked third in the world’s watched Netflix series, and director Yeon Sang-ho’s ‘Hell’ set a record for ranking first in the world just one day after its release.

Behind this success is an online video platform that fills vacancies in theaters and communicates with the world in real time.

Netflix’s daring investment and novel planning met to create ‘Jackpot Content’, and as companies with global distribution networks such as Disney+ and Apple TV+ jump in, K-content production is expected to become more active.

“There are so many good directors and writers in Korea. I think this is a new possibility for the Korean Wave because we have already secured and demonstrated the content production capacity.”

K-content, which took the pandemic as an opportunity and confirmed its potential.

It is expected to lead the content market in the new year from the center rather than the periphery.

This is Yonhap News TV, Park Hyo-jung. ([email protected])

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