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Jae-myung Lee, ‘Lee Jaenomics’ blueprint released… “To become the world’s fifth-largest economy”


Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung has once again taken the lead in economic issues by presenting a vision for the new economy.

The plan is to achieve the 4 major transformations and 2 major reforms, so-called ‘disaster economics’, to become one of the world’s top 5 economic powers.

Reporter Jang Bo-kyung.


Candidate Jae-myung Lee, standing on the podium wearing a black turtleneck shirt, presented a vision for a new economy rooted in his economic policy, ‘transitional fair growth’.

He preached that ‘the four major transformations’ are necessary for the world’s fifth-largest nation to take off.

“In an unstable and polarized world, conflicts have increased a lot. And I think this is the ‘golden time’ of a great transformation.”

The sector where I spent the longest time was in the industrial sector.

It announced that it would nurture 1 million digitally-specialized future talents and create 2 million new jobs with an investment of about 135 trillion won in digital transformation.

He emphasized that it will leap forward as a global ‘minor manager’ by nurturing the construction of an ‘energy highway’ and materials, parts and equipment industries more clearly.

Following the great change in science and technology that promotes the ‘Presidential Big Project’ and the great change in education to change the university education curriculum flexibly, we pledged to develop an ultra-wide megacity and early promotion of the Gwangju-Daegu Dalbit Inland Railway as a major national transformation.

As two reform tasks to support the great transition, public and finance were presented.

Introduced the science, technology and innovation deputy prime minister system, established the Ministry of Climate and Energy and the data department, and suggested the reorganization of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance. ‘ and so on.

Candidate Lee called “an investment after all,” and heralded a bold and large investment in preparation for the nation’s centennial anniversary.

“I see it as expanding the role of the state. The key is to build infrastructure through expanding the role of the state. Second, large-scale investment in science and advanced science and technology, and third, the government is responsible for nurturing future talent”

Candidate Lee attended the ‘Digital Innovation Great Transformation Committee’ led by former Minister Park Young-seon and said that he would use the ‘Human Capital’ system, which provides pre-reimbursement for education expenses, to foster digital future talent.

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