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[AM-PM] US Vice President Harris’ visit to Korea… After stopping President Yoon, go to the DMZ, etc.

Today (29th), here is the AM-PM news station looking at the day’s main schedule.

Let’s look at the schedule together.

▶ US Vice President Harris’ Visit to Korea… Visiting the DMZ after suspending President Yoon (Yongsan Presidential Office)

Vice President Kamala Harris is visiting Korea today.

Vice President Harris arrives in the morning and visits President Yoon Seok-yeol at the Yongsan Presidential Office.

Afterwards, we will hold a meeting with women leaders at the US Embassy and visit the DMZ in the Demilitarized Zone.

▶ 08:00 The party government discusses an exemption from the duty of corona tests for those arriving abroad (National Assembly)

The government and the ruling party are discussing measures to ease the COVID-19 quarantine.

At the party council meeting, People’s Power will propose easing PCR test obligations for foreign travelers.

Remaining quarantine measures, such as expanding nursing home visits and easing indoor mask wearing, are also expected to be on the agenda.

▶ 10:00 People’s Power Jeong Jin-seok, chairman of the negotiating group, representative speech (National Assembly)

Chairman of the People’s Power Emergency Response Committee Jeong Jin-seok delivers a speech by the representative of the negotiating group.

As the ruling party, I intend to announce my decision to attend the first regular National Assembly since the Yun Seok-yeol government was established.

In particular, it is expected to emphasize the will to overcome the economic crisis for the livelihood of the people.

▶ The Democratic Party tries to process the motion to dismiss Foreign Minister Park Jin (National Assembly)

The Democratic Party of Korea is trying to deal with a motion to dismiss Foreign Affairs Minister Park Jin at the plenary meeting of the National Assembly.

Earlier, the Democratic Party proposed a motion to dismiss Minister Park as a party argument, arguing that they would be held accountable for the ‘contaminated language debate’ that arose during President Yoon Seok-yeol’s foreign trip.

It is known that the Speaker of the National Assembly, Kim Jin-pyo, is considering whether or not to introduce it.

▶ 11:00 The Supreme Court sentenced the late Sergeant Ye-Ram Lee for sexual harassment (Supreme Court)

The decision of the Supreme Court on the person who committed sexual harassment, the late Lee Ye-ram of the Air Force, comes out.

Today the Supreme Court opens the trial date for Sergeant Jang Mo, who was transferred to trial on charges such as forced sexual assault and injuries.

Previously, the ordinary military court of first instance sentenced them to 9 years in prison, and the high military court of second instance sentenced them to 7 years in prison.

Today’s main itinerary ends here.

Until now, it was the AM-PM news agency.

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