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Prosecutors release Kim Woong from ‘the accuser’ … Mrs Kun-hee Kim, Your Excellency


Prosecutors have decided not to transfer Representative Kim Woong and Ms Kun-hee Kim to trial in connection with the alleged ‘indictment’.

In the process of filing the complaint, Representative Kim and Prosecutor Son Jun-seong did not decide that they had made a mistake.

This is the exact opposite of the Air Force collection.

This is reporter Shin Hyun-jung.


The owner of the so-called indictment suspects that an employee is in the process of indicting members of the Democratic Party.

The main content is that Prosecutor Son Jun-seong, who was an investigation and information policy officer at the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, sent the complaint and ruling to the Vice Chairman of the United Future Party through Representative Kim Woong.

A current prosecutor appeared, and the case was transferred from the prosecutor’s office to the high-ranking official’s criminal investigation department.

After eight months of investigation, the Ministry of Aviation Affairs put Prosecutor Sohn on trial on charges of violating the Public Official Elections Act, and the cases of Rep. Kim Woong and Mrs. Kim Kun-hee, who were civilians, returned to the prosecution.

“In the case of Kim Woong, a member of the People’s Power, for breaching the Public Official Elections Act, collusion with Prosecutor A is recognized, but it is not an indictable offense under the Public Services Act, so he gets transfer it. to the prosecution…”

Prosecutors reinvestigated Representative Kim’s charges of violating the Election Act and dismissed the charges for lack of evidence.

At that time, the investigation team saw that the collusion between Representative Kim and Prosecutor Sohn could not be recognized by the phrase ‘Send Jun-seong’s Son’ in the telegram message that Jo Seong-eun received the accusation.

Both Rep. Kim and Mr. Cho were investigated, but there is no evidence that Prosecutor Sohn submitted the complaint directly to Rep. Kim.

In the case of breaching the Personal Information Protection Act by sending a real name judgment, there was no evidence that Representative Kim knew that the judgment was a real name.

The case of Mrs. Kim, who was transferred to the prosecution together, was dismissed without investigation because there were no clues to investigate or evidence of connection to the case.

In the end, Prosecutor Sohn, whom the Air Service saw as an accomplice, was put on trial, but Representative Kim did not cross the threshold of the court.

The Air Service and the prosecution came to different conclusions once again following the case of Superintendent Cho Hee-yeon and former prosecutor Kim Hyeong-jun.

The Ministry of Aviation Affairs did not take a particular position, saying that it would do everything possible for the prosecutor’s trial.

This is Yonhap News TV Shin Hyun-jung. (hyunspirit@yna.co.kr)

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