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Heung-Min Son, on fire, challenges his fourth goal… a free-kick opportunity


Heung-Min Son scores his fourth goal of the season against Arsenal against London on the night of the 1st.

Heung-min Son, who scored a great free-kick goal for the national team, draws attention if he can create the same spectacle.

Correspondent Kim Jong-seong.


Son Heung-min broke the goal silence by completing a hat-trick in just 13 minutes as a substitute in the match against Leicester shortly before being called up to the national team.

Heung-Min Son, who managed to turn the question mark towards himself into an exclamation point, continued his activities with a great free kick goal against Costa Rica and a header following a fine position against Cameroon.

Son Heung-Min, who is challenging to hunt for his fourth goal of the season and two league goals in a row, is Arsenal, Tottenham’s rivals from North London, number one.

After instigating a penalty in May last year when Son Heung-min challenged Arsenal for a stunning position, Holding led out and scored a key goal to make it a one-man show 3-0.

If Tottenham beat Arsenal, who have a one-point lead, they could even overtake the top of the league.

As well as winning or losing, there is also interest in who will take Tottenham’s free kick.

This is because Son Heung-min’s brilliant free kick goal that rattled the Costa Rica goal net has become a hot topic in the local area every day.

There is even a local report that Son Heung-min should get a chance to replace Kane, who has not scored a free-kick goal in the last five years.

Avoiding an immediate reaction, Conte hinted at the possibility by referring to Heung-Min Son’s free-kick goal.

“Heung-Min Son is one of three set-piece kickers along with Kane and Dyer. Heung-Min Son scored a free-kick goal (in the national team), so he will have great confidence.”

Heung-Min’s son turned a crisis into an opportunity and regained his smile. Fans pay attention to his toes.

This is Yonhap News TV Kim Jong-seong. ([email protected])

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