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Revocation of post-admission inspection duty… Resumption of nursing hospital liaison visits


The number of new COVID-19 cases has dropped into the late 20,000s.

Thursday alone is the lowest level in 12 weeks.

As the spread of the virus recedes, the government is accelerating the relaxation of quarantine measures.

From tomorrow (the 1st), the duty of PCR tests for incoming travelers will disappear, and contact visits between nursing hospitals and facilities will be allowed next week (the 4th).

Reported by Reporter Cha Seung-eun.


The number of new coronavirus cases fell by 2,300 in one day to 28,497.

There were 600 fewer people than a week ago, but on Thursday alone, this was the lowest number in 12 weeks.

The number of seriously ill patients in hospital has risen to 352, with 11 being discharged and 42 dying.

As the epidemic stabilizes, the government eases quarantine measures one after another.

Firstly, those arriving after 00:00 on October 1 do not need to undergo a PCR test after entering the country.

Applicants can take a PCR test free of charge at public health centers within 3 days of entering the country, regardless of the presence or absence of symptoms.

With this measure, all quarantine measures related to entry have disappeared.

“The decision was made considering several factors, such as the rate of confirmed cases imported from abroad fell from 1.3% in August to 0.9% in September, and the majority of OECD countries exempted testing.”

Contact visits to hospitals and nursing facilities will also resume.

It will be implemented from the 4th, just about two months after restricting contact at the end of July due to the spread of the epidemic.

However, visitors must confirm they are negative with a self-diagnosis kit before visiting, and must wear a mask when visiting.

Going out and staying overnight, which was only allowed for the elderly who need outpatient treatment, has been extended to older people who have completed the 4th vaccination, and the program for inviting external trainers will resume.

This is Yonhap News TV, Cha Seung-eun. (chaletuno@yna.co.kr)

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