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‘Emerson sent off’ Tottenham losing to Arsenal … Heung-Min Mab 71 minutes


English professional football Tottenham Hotspur suffered a 1-3 loss to London rivals Arsenal due to the bad news of defender Emerson.

Son Heung-min, who was aiming for the fourth goal of the season, was replaced in the 26th minute of the second half without a point of attack.

Correspondent Kim Jong-seong.


Son Heung-min, who started in the first derby of the season in North London against Arsenal, focused on creating opportunities for his teammates.

Arsenal, who have not lost to Tottenham at home for 12 years, started aggressively in the early stages and scored the first goal.

In the 20th minute of the first half, Thomas Fati from Ghana, who will face Korea in the World Cup, hit a long-range shot.

Tottenham and Son Heung-min, who counter-attacked, started the tie.

After releasing the pressure from the defense with a quick foot, an attacking opportunity opened up for Hisharlisson.

In the ensuing attack, Arsenal’s defense fouled Tottenham, and Kane cleared the score.

However, Tottenham conceded a ridiculous goal early in the second half to give Arsenal the lead back.

In the fourth minute of the second half, while the center Romero and the goalkeeper Lloris were left and right, Arsenal rocked Jesus into the net.

Tottenham Hotspur desperately needed a recovery goal. Again, in the 17th minute of the second half, Emerson received a red card for rough fouling and a fall.

In the 22nd minute of the second half, he was even hit by Zaka, who was outnumbered.

In the 26th minute of the second half, coach Conte made four substitutions, including Son Heung-min, but the mood did not change.

The game ended with a 3-1 win for Arsenal, and Tottenham’s first loss of the season in eight games.

Tottenham Hotspur aim for a change of mood in the Champions League away game against Frankfurt, Germany on the 5th.

This is Yonhap News TV Kim Jong-seong. ([email protected])

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