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Yoo Gangnam’s 4 RBI show + Seo Geon-chang’s cheongeum tie… LG, Doosan draw dramatic draw

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LG Seo Geon-chang hit just in time

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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Jang Hyeon-gu = The LG Twins drew a dramatic draw with the ‘Jamsil rival’ Doosan Bears.

LG finished the 2021 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League match against Doosan 5-5 at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 11th.

LG, who made four runs and played the game hard, defeated Doosan finisher Kim Kang-ryul and created a draw as if they had won.

Doosan scored 4 points free of charge in the first inning thanks to LG starter Kim Yun-sik’s control game.

After sending Kim Jae-hwan to a hit ball from 2nd and 1st base at the end of the first inning, Kim Yoon-sik dedicated 5 walks to Yang Seok-hwan, Park Gye-beom, Kim Jae-ho, Jang Seung-hyun, and Jung Soo-bin in a row.

Kim Yun-sik gave up four balls to six batters in a row, breaking the record for the first place in this category. The previous record was 20 times in total by allowing four balls in five batters in a row.

Kim Yun-sik also suffered the disgrace of tying the record for most four-ball innings allowed.

Kim Yun-sik is the fourth in history, following Lee Kang-cheol, current KT Wiz manager (Haitai Tigers in 1997), Kim Young-soo (Lotte Giants in 2001), and Kang Yun-gu (Nexen Heroes in 2013).

Doosan made 5-0 with Yang Seok-hwan’s sacrifice fly in the 4th inning with Kyung-min Heo’s walk, Jose Fernandez’s hit and Kim Jae-hwan’s walk.

LG caught up with Yoo Gang-nam’s fierce blow.

After hitting a two-run homer from the left in the first half of the 5th inning, Yoo Kang-nam hit Doosan’s third pitcher Hong Kun-hee in the second half of the 6th inning and hit a two RBI heavy hit.

LG turned the game around in the final attack in the early 9th inning, which was 4-5.

After two shootouts, Hong Chang-gi saved the fire with an infield hit on the third baseman side, and Seo Geon-chang saved the team with a timely single run and double hit that flowed with priority.

Doosan had a chance to win by beating LG firefighter Ko Woo-seok with a double in the middle of the left in the bottom of the ninth inning, but leader Park Gun-woo beat LG firefighter Ko Woo-seok with a double, but Kye-beom Park withdrew with a strikeout at first and third bases, and Kim Jae-ho, a powerless first baseman, fouled fly at second and third bases. As I was caught, I pondered the regret.

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