Yoo Hye-ri Reveals the Reason Behind Becoming an Actress and Divorcing Geun-hee Lee

KBS 1TV Program Reveals Yoo Hye-ri’s Journey to Becoming an Actress and Divorce from Geun-hee Lee

By Reporter Kim Na-yeon | 2023.08.13 15:14

In a recent episode of ‘Let’s Live Together with Park Won-sook’ on KBS 1TV, actress Yoo Hye-ri opened up about her path to stardom and the reasons behind her divorce from Geun-hee Lee.

Yoo Hye-ri, who made her debut in the film ‘Parisian Horse’, shared that her parents initially disapproved of her acting career. She revealed, “Before signing the contract and filming for ‘Parisian Horse’, I informed my father. It was a moment of prayer for me,” she expressed.

Despite facing opposition from her parents, Yoo Hye-ri pursued her passion for acting. She confessed, “As an actress, I believed in my ability to portray the character convincingly. I even requested a stand-in for a challenging scene. Although I lacked experience, the movie became a box office hit. However, it made me realize my shortcomings and inspired me to seek guidance from seasoned actors,” she added.

Her journey continued with participation in theatrical plays and eventually receiving a script for ‘Love of Umukbaemi’, where she embarked on her acting career in earnest after winning the Best Supporting Actress Award at the prestigious Grand Bell Awards.

Furthermore, Yoo Hye-ri shared details about her divorced life. “I got divorced 20 years ago, and at the time, I was passive about my marriage. Surprisingly, my father was glad when I got divorced. He had been against the marriage from the beginning, saying, ‘You’ve only been with him for a year.’ Although there were several potential matches, finding the right partner wasn’t easy due to factors like religion. Eventually, I was introduced to a widowed man. I recall sitting in front of him as he stared at his late wife’s photo. It felt as if he needed time to heal,” she revealed.

Yoo Hye-ri also shared a concerning incident during her trip abroad. She explained, “While on vacation, I sent a photo of myself wearing golf clothes. However, when I zoomed in on the picture, there was another woman captured in the frame. I immediately deleted the contact from my phone, as the message caught my attention.”

When asked about the duration of her previous marriage, Yoo Hye-ri responded, “It lasted around a year and a half or two years.”
Ahn So-young, the interviewer, further piqued curiosity by saying, “Your ex-husband is someone that everyone knows.” Yoo Hye-ri’s former spouse is actor Lee Geun-hee. Reflecting on her past, Yoo Hye-ri emphasized the importance of a compatible personality. She asserted, “I dislike hot-headed individuals and mood swings.”

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Reporter Kim Na-yeon | 2023.08.13 15:14

Photo = KBS 1TV Park Won-sook’s Let’s Live Together talked about the reason why Hye-ri Yoo became an actress and divorced Geun-hee Lee.

On the KBS 1TV program ‘Let’s Live Together with Park Won-sook’, which was broadcast on the morning of the 13th, actress Yoo Hye-ri appeared and talked about various things.

Yoo Hye-ri, who first appeared on the screen through the movie ‘Parisian Horse’, said, “My parents were against acting. Before I signed a contract and let Paris shoot a movie, my father knew. I prayed,” he said. he said.

“I’m an actor, so I can do it enough. I asked for a stand-in for a high-level scene. It was difficult because I didn’t know much about acting, but after doing that, the film hit the box office, but I realized my inexperienced acting skills, and I felt like my elders who were acting. After receiving the advice, I started acting,” she said.

He added, “I practiced acting while making plays, received the script for ‘Love of Umukbaemi’, and started acting seriously after receiving the Best Supporting Actress Award at the Grand Bell Awards.”

In addition, Yoo Hye-ri said, “I divorced 20 years ago, and I was passive about my marriage. My father was happy when he divorced. My father opposed the marriage, saying, ‘You have been here for a year.’ There were many introductions, but it was not easy, When considering religion, I was introduced to a man who had lost his wife, and he sat in front of me and looked at his wife’s picture, and I felt a little like that. It was as if he needed some time.”

Also, “I went on a trip abroad and I sent a picture of myself. I was wearing golf clothes. I was wearing sunglasses, but when I zoomed in, a woman took a picture. I didn’t go on my myself. I immediately deleted the number from my phone.” The message caught my attention.

When asked if the previous married life was long, Yoo Hye-ri said, “It was about a year and a half or two years,” and Ahn So-young added, “My ex-husband is someone that everyone knows ,” raising questions. Yoo Hye-ri’s ex-husband is actor Lee Geun-hee. Yoo Hye-ri said, “I think personality is important. I hate hot-tempered people, and I hate mood swings.”

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