Yoo Jae-seok → Gian 84, ‘2021 MBC Entertainment Awards’ Brilliant Words

The ‘2021 MBC Entertainment Awards’ was a place to settle the entertainment programs that brightened MBC this year, so the words of witty stars were pouring out. We gathered the words of the stars who appeared at the ‘2021 Entertainment Awards’ that day.

On the 29th, the ‘2021 MBC Entertainment Awards’ was held at the MBC Public Hall in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. It was broadcast live by broadcaster Jeon Hyun-moo, singer Kim Se-jeong, and actress Lee Sang-soo.

Yoo Jae-suk, who won the grand prize as everyone expected, said, “I received a great prize overflowing with minutes.” “My parents, my father-in-law, my mother-in-law, my beloved sons Ji-ho and Na-eun, I want to give glory to Na Kyung-eun, whom I always appreciate, cherish and love.” showed off his face.

Also, about PD Kim Tae-ho, who is leaving MBC at the end of this year, “PD Kim Tae-ho worked with me on ‘Infinite Challenge’ and ‘What do you do when you play?’ It reminds me of many memories. As I made a new decision, I hope that you will always support me in doing what I want to do and wish you success. Thank you so much.”

Regarding Kim Chul-min, who died after battling lung cancer on the 16th, “Not long ago, my comedian brother, Kim Chul-min, passed away to heaven. He died while trying to make many people laugh on the street. I hope that many people will laugh again,” he lamented Kim Chul-min.

The entertainment program of the year award selected by viewers on this day went to ‘What do you do when you play?’ At the end of this year, PD Kim Tae-ho, who is leaving MBC after 20 years of joining the company, took the stage for the last time.

PD Kim Tae-ho drew attention when he said in a trembling voice, “I joined the company on January 1, 2001…” He continued, “I thought it would be very exciting… I really liked MBC,” he said. “I tried to stay if I caught one more time, but I didn’t catch it. I worked on Saturday evenings for 15 of 20 years. That time was spent with Yoo Jae-suk. I was able to endure it. I want to say that I respect you.”

Producer Kim Tae-ho also said, “I went out after completing 7 years in Yeouido, 7 years in Ilsan, and 7 years in Sangam. I had the opportunity to attend the Entertainment Awards every year. On the 80th anniversary, I hope that there will be a place where we can get together with a new and good program.”

Producer Kim Tae-ho finally said, “I’ve been receiving a lot of awards, but it’s always a program award, so I’m sorry (the family). “he cried.

Jang Dong-min won the Excellence Award in the Variety Category. Jang Dong-min mentioned marriage, saying, “I think MBC gave me a wedding present because I got married a while ago.” Then, “I think that the good things overlap because I met a woman I love and got married because I got a lot of blessings. I love you, thank you.”

Lee Dong-hwi boasted a deep friendship with MSG Wannabe Ji Suk-jin and mentioned his girlfriend Jeong Ho-yeon. Ji Suk-jin boasted, “I talk to Lee Dong-hwi on the phone for two hours,” and said, “Dong-hwi talks about 80% of the time.”

Lee Dong-hwi said, “I talk to Ji Suk-jin longer than my girlfriend,” and “I actually meet and talk with him (Jung Ho-yeon).” In response, Ji Suk-jin mentioned that Lee Dong-hwi’s lover Jung Ho-yeon has been on the rise with the recent Netflix original ‘Squid Game’, and said, “How good is your girlfriend. I hope to become the second Do Kyung-wan.”

After receiving the Entertainer of the Year award, Park Na-rae said, “I am very grateful and sorry.” Then, he appeared conscious of the controversy that occurred earlier this year, saying, “Standing in front of the statue crosses emotions and makes people humble.” Park Na-rae was embroiled in a sexual harassment controversy last March due to inappropriate remarks and actions on the web entertainment ‘Hey Narae’ of the YouTube channel ‘Studio Waffle’.

Park Na-rae also said, “I think this award is a carrot to do better next year. It feels heavy this year. I will try to give a healthier smile in 2022.”

Kian84 won the grand prize. Gian84 said, “It started when I ate, slept, and lived on the N portal for the first episode of ‘I Live Alone’. It seemed like a dream every week, but it took a long time to do it.” “Recently, the ratings are a bit wobbly these days, and I (former) Hyunmoo hyung (Park) I thought that Narae should also fall for it.

I did it to take (Jeon Hyun-moo) hyung out when I go out.” Then, “I want to send Jeon Hyun-moo hyung’s marriage, and I also asked Park Na-rae to marry me. If you say you can’t go, I want to do it until I get an item to fit my brother’s dentures.”

Gian84 also mentioned Lee Si-eon, who recently got married, and joked, “I hope Shi-eon hyung lives happily and never comes back alone.”

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