Yoo Seung-jun, who was also frustrated with going to Korea, filed an appeal against the ruling of ‘visa refusal party’

<img alt="Singer Seung-Jun Yoo (45, American Steve Seung-Jun Yoo) Mr. ” src=”https://photo.jtbc.joins.com/news/jam_photo/202205/20/8fece119-1368-4f9d-a1a2-a5054593c175.jpg”/>Singer Seung-Jun Yoo (45, American Steve Seung-Jun Yoo) Mr.

Singer Seung-jun Yoo (45, American name Steve Seung-jun Yoo) has appealed against the court ruling that refusal to issue a Korean visa is justified.

On the 20th, Yoo’s side filed an appeal with the Seoul Administrative Court, which rejected the request to cancel the refusal to issue passports and visas by the Consulate General of Los Angeles (LA) in Los Angeles.

Last month, the Seoul Administrative Court ruled that the LA Consulate General’s refusal to issue a visa was justified, saying that the public interest that can be protected by refusing to issue a visa is sufficient and that Yoo’s ability to evade military service in the process of obtaining US citizenship is sufficient.

Yoo, who was denied entry in 2002 due to controversy over military service evasion, applied for an overseas Korean visa to enter Korea 13 years later in 2015, but was denied, and filed a lawsuit, and won the Supreme Court last year.

At that time, the Supreme Court held that the LA Consulate General did not exercise its discretion and refused to issue a visa simply because the Ministry of Justice had made a decision to ban entry in the past.

<img alt="” src=”https://photo.jtbc.joins.com/news/jam_photo/202205/20/eba2f157-afb6-4900-97bc-89e2dc39424b.jpg”/>

However, even after the Supreme Court ruling, the Consulate General of Los Angeles rejected Yoo’s visa application again, and Yoo filed an administrative lawsuit.

The diplomatic authorities determined that the Supreme Court’s decision was only to re-evaluate whether or not to issue a visa, not to issue a visa.

On the other hand, Yoo insisted that visa issuance and entry should be allowed, but the administrative court ruled in favor of the Los Angeles Consulate General.

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