‘Yoo Young-jae♥’ Seonwoo Eun-sook’s ex-husband Lee Young-ha congratulates her on her remarriage… Let’s live happily (Let’s live together 3)[MD리뷰]

[마이데일리 = 박서연 기자] Actress Seonwoo Eun-suk admitted that she was congratulated on her remarriage by her ex-husband Lee Young-ha.

On KBS 2TV’s ‘Let’s Live Together Season 3 with Park Won-sook’, broadcast on the 29th, actress Seonwoo Eun-suk told a love story with publicist Yoo Young-jae, who is 4 years younger than her and has remarry

On this day, Park Won-sook congratulated Seonwoo Eun-suk on the phone and congratulated her on her remarriage. Hyeeun-i talked about her friendship with Yoo Young-jae, saying, “Eun-sook knows the groom well. We’ve been on many broadcasts together.

Seonwoo Eun-suk said, “I think ‘Let’s Live Together’ is a program that has a relationship. I looked at her and said to my sister, ‘I always dream about the future’ and she broke up.”

“My close brother lives in Seocho-dong, so if it’s right, he’ll say, ‘Would you like a cup of tea?’ So I went to meet (Yoo Young-jae) I’m a former student of his brother and we’ve been together for 40 years,” remembering his first meeting with Yoo Young-jae.

Then, “It’s the day after 5 days of filming ‘Let’s Live Together’. (After the first meeting) After 2 or 3 days, I got a text saying, ‘Would you like to have a cup of tea? ?’ Then he said to me, “Life doesn’t wait for us.”

Seonwoo Eun-suk said, “When you propose, you might wonder how much this person’s abilities and wealth are. I’ve only seen his face in the bakery. I didn’t even cross my fingers, but I said, ‘Can you live a religious life with me?’ I asked him, and he said, “I am the minister’s son. I believed in his words.”

Hearing this, Park Won-sook joked, “I’m not throwing candles, but not all sons of shepherds are upright.” In addition, I asked the reaction of her ex-husband Lee Young-ha.

Seonwoo Eun-suk brought warmth by saying, “Congratulations. We are not in a bad relationship. He told me not to think about my children and live happily in my life.”

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