Yoon Do-hyun “World Cup cheering song ‘Oh Pil-seung Korea’? I don’t have the copyright”

The behind-the-scenes story of ‘Oh Pilseung Korea’, sung by YB band Dohyun Yoon during the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, has been revealed.

Yesterday (5th), a video featuring YB’s Dohyeon Yoon and Scott Hallowell as guests was uploaded on Pizik University’s official YouTube channel.

In the video, when asked about the behind-the-scenes story of “Oh Pilseung Korea,” the song that shook the entire nation during the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, Yoon replied, “That song is not is the official song of the World Cup. It was just an advertisement for a news agency.”

Yoon Do-hyun, who said he didn’t know the commercial music would be so successful, surprised the cast by saying, “There is no copyright for ‘Oh Pil-seung Korea’. It’s not my song. ”

Yoon Do-hyun said, “(Even without copyright) I’m fine. Anyway, that song is for our people,” he said. “It was a song for the football team and the fans.”

After the release of ‘Oh Pilseung Korea’, he also raised curiosity by constantly keeping quiet from the hosts who were curious about the profits earned from events and advertisements.

‘Oh Pilseung Korea’, the title song and b-side song of Red Devils’ official album ‘Dreams Come True’, released to commemorate the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup semi-final, has been released in various versions including YB in as well as the band Crying Nut and Buzz Football fans love him constantly.

Yoon Do-hyun also shared his feelings about the recent radio song ‘Ditto’ by the group New Jeans, saying, “I just sang it for the listeners. I wanted to give them something special.”

He said, “There’s something powerful about girl group songs, and the chord progression gives rock music a positive change.”

Netizens who saw his candid interview responded like “Can a vocalist like this come out again”, “He is a true artist”, and “Yoon Do-hyun is from Pilseung Korea”.

(Photo = Youtube ‘Fishik University’)

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(Editor Jeon Min-jae of SBS Entertainment News)

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