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Yoon Jung-hee’s younger brothers “Sorry for socializing family affairs…not a property fight” (General)

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Public Attorney, “Paek Kun-woo understands the grievances, but Yoon Jung-hee has to live in Korea”

Actor Yoon Jung-hee-pianist Paik Kun-woo couple

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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Seong Do-hyun, Kang Ae-ran = Younger brothers of actor Yoon Jeong-hee (77, real name Son Mi-ja) suffering from Alzheimer’s dementia repeatedly insisted that Yoon Jeong-hee is being neglected in Paris, France.

Yoon Jeong-hee’s younger brothers said in a statement on the 10th that the article posted on the recently controversial Blue House National Petition bulletin board was written by themselves. He apologized, saying, “I am sorry for socializing my family affairs.”

The petition claims that Yoon Jeong-hee is fighting alone in an apartment outside Paris, separated from her husband, pianist Paik Kun-woo.

Yoon Jung-hee’s younger siblings said at the entrance door, “When she was given the mother-in-law award in January 2019, only Yoon Jeong-hee made her return to Korea, and when she returned to Korea in February, she stayed at the hotel and stopped at Yeouido’s house. “In April, my daughter took Yoon Jeong-hee to France and entrusted it to a nursing institution for five months. I found a villa next to my daughter’s house and decided to live and stay separated.”

“Paek Kun-woo rarely visits or sees his wife, Yoon Jeong-hee, and the house where he lived is about 25 minutes by car and 21 minutes by train, the villa where Yoon Jeong-hee lives.

In addition, Yoon Jeong-hee’s younger brothers also revealed that the controversy was not related to the property fight.

They said, “There are some who say that it is a property fight, but the domestic property in the name of Yoon Jeong-hee is two apartments in Yeouido and a deposit asset.” No. I just want to be faithfully managed for Yoon Jung-hee.”

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In addition, he said, “I hope that Yoon Jeong-hee will return to Korea and receive warm care in Korea, and I have requested this from a hundred women.”

Attorney Park Yeon-cheol (70, 15th Judicial Research and Training Institute), who had been delegated by Yoon Jeong-hee’s five younger brothers on the 8th, met with Yonhap News at the office in Gangnam, Seoul, and said, “I fully understand the grievances of my husband, Paik Kun-woo.” “I have to stay in.” In addition, he argued, “It will not be arbitrary for Yoon Jeong-hee to remain in France for a long time.”

Attorney Park said, “There are parts that make sense,” arguing that Paik Gun-woo would have taken Yoon Jeong-hee to France because if Yoon Jeong-hee was in Korea, he could face embarrassing situations depending on his health status when meeting with his friends or when he was in Korea.

“There is a view that the family, such as husband and daughter, should take care of it, but in the case of Yoon Jung-hee, it is possible for better solution and consideration than the present, so the younger siblings came out.” .

He said, “The younger siblings feel greatly insulted for claiming that Yoon Jeong-hee acquaintances are fraudulent to their younger siblings or filed a lawsuit for property,” he said. “It seems that the love for these couples seems excessive, but there is no legal meaning to fight.”

He added, “It is not at all true that Yoon Jeong-hee will try to send him to a nursing hospital when he comes to Korea. He can take care of his younger siblings at home until they can reach them, but he can get help from a nursing hospital later.

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