Yoon Ki-won, dating model and teacher 11 years younger … Lee Ji-ah look alike

Talent Yoon Ki-won (52) is in a relationship with model and teacher Lee Joo-hyun (41), who is 11 years younger than him.

Yoon Ki-won revealed Mr. Lee in the Chosun TV entertainment program ‘Joseon’s Lover’, which aired on the 13th. “Because it’s Dolsing, I’m careful. It’s not a sin to go there once, but it’s not like you go somewhere to get a reward. I wonder if it’s okay to reveal it on air, and I’m worried. After working as a model, she became a teacher. It seemed good to have a goal in your work. He is 3 cm taller than me.”

When Ms. Lee, the production team welcomed her, saying, “She looks like the actress Lee Ji-ah.” Mr. said Lee, “I’ve been a fan since the sitcom ‘Unstoppable High Kick’. He was a handsome and pleasant image,” she said, “We exchanged phone numbers when we first met. I had to move, so when I asked, he was sincere and gave good advice.” “My brother went through a difficult time after his divorce. He said, ‘It was time to look back on my life,’ and it touched me.” I couldn’t speak at first. It was difficult because it’s not something I can say easily. Although we we divorced together, my brother has no children and I have a child, so I thought about different things.”

Lee said, “I cried a lot when I first started talking. He said it was fine even if he said ‘let’s break up’. I asked him to contact me because it would give me time to think, but my brother said on the spot, ‘I don’t need time to think’. I was grateful that he said, ‘I like you, so the past is not important. I’m not young, and I’m careful because I’m afraid I’ll hear ‘I’m dating a divorced woman with a baby’ for no reason.”

Mr. Lee lives in Busan with his parents. Yoon Ki-won said, “If I get married, I will bring a child.” During the last holiday, he stayed with me for a week. It was awkward at first. I’m in 5th grade this year, and my child is bright and playful.”

Yoon Ki-won worked as a theater actor and participated in the 1st KBS University Comedy Festival in 1991. At that time, together with Yoo Jae-seok, Kim Kook-jin, Kim Yong-man, and Park Soo-hong, he was selected as a comedian for the 7th KBS public recruitment. After passing the 6th SBS Talent in 1996, he continued his career as an actor. In 2012, he married talent Hwang Eun-jung (43), but divorced in 2017 after 5 years.



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