Yoon Ki-won secretly remarried a teacher ♥ 11 years younger … wedding scene open

Money Today Reporter Ryu Won-hye | 2023.03.17 08:57

/Photo = Lee Eui-jung’s Instagram

The wedding scene of actor Yoon Ki-won (52) was revealed.

On the 16th, actor Lee Eui-jung posted a video on his Instagram, saying, “A self-congratulatory song for Yoon Ki-won’s brother’s wedding. The release of the album is great, my brother.” On the 11th, Yoon Ki-won married Lee Joo-hyun, a modeling teacher who is 11 years younger than him.

The video shows Yoon Ki-won singing passionately in a wedding hall. A bride wearing a wedding dress smiles happily next to her.

Previously, Yoon Ki-won drew attention by revealing his current situation, saying that he had been in love for a year after overcoming the pain of divorce on TV Chosun’s ‘Lovers of Joseon’, which aired last month. At the time, he revealed his plan to remarry, saying, “My girlfriend’s father is ill. He said he would like to get married when he is active and healthy.”

/ Photo = ‘Joseon Lover’ TV selection

Lee, who appeared together, admitted that he is also divorced and has a son in the 5th grade in elementary school. He said, “He (Yoon Ki-won) said, ‘I thought there would be no children in my life, but thank you for bringing a grown-up child. I have a reliable son. “Thank you. Now, all three of us want to be happy.”

Yoon Ki-won said that the child lives with Mr.’s parents. Lee in Busan. . The child is bright and playful.”

Yoon Ki-won, born in 1971, made his debut in 1996 as SBS’s 6th public recruitment talent and appeared in dramas such as ‘Sunpung Obstetrics and Gynecology’, ‘Little Women’, ‘Kyungsung Scandal’, ‘Chuno’, ‘Secret Garden’, and ‘Queen Iron Man’. He married actress Hwang Eun-jung in 2012, but divorced in 2017.

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