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Yoon Seok-yeol and Kim Jong-in meet… “Agreement to join former captains Kim Byung-jun and Kim Han-gil”

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Meet Kim Jong-in with Yoon Seok-yeol and Kim Byung-jun

By Kim Myung-guk, senior staff reporter [email protected]” style=”padding:0px;margin:0px”>

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▲ People’s Power Yoon Seok-yeol (left) shakes hands with former Vice Chairman Kim at the press conference held at the Grand Hyatt Seoul Hotel in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the 15th to celebrate the publication of ‘Emergency Countermeasures Chairman – Kim Jong-in’. 2021.11.15
By Kim Myung-guk, senior staff reporter [email protected]

On the 20th, presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol met with Kim Jong-in, who is likely to be the general election chairman, and exchanged opinions on the election of the presidential election.

At this meeting, it was reported that a de facto agreement had been reached on the joining of former Vice Chairman Kim Byung-jun and former Democratic Party leader Kim Han-gil.

Lee Yang-soo, senior spokesman for the previous committee, said in a notice distributed to the press on the same day, “At 1:30 pm today, Candidate Yoon and former Chairman Kim Byung-jun met at Kim Jong-in’s personal office in Gwanghwamun.”

“Ex-Chairman Kim Jong-in agreed to the appointment of Kim Byung-jun as the permanent election chairman,” he said.

The National Integration Committee, which is formed separately from the previous committee, is expected to be led by former CEO Han-gil Kim.

Senior Spokesperson Lee Yang-soo said, “Candidate Yoon will meet Kim Han-gil, who will serve as the chairman of the National Reconciliation Committee, tomorrow at 2 pm at Kim’s office in Dongbu Ichon-dong.”

“We plan to discuss all matters related to the launch of the National Reconciliation Committee,” said Senior Spokesperson Lee.

With this, former Chairman Kim Jong-in will be the general election chairman, former chairman Kim Byung-jun as the joint election chairman, and former chairman Kim Jong-un as the national harmony chairman, respectively.

The full lineup of senior leaders is expected to be outlined as early as next week.

Reporter Lee Bo-hee [email protected]

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