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Yoon Seok-yeol, finally, thank you… “I will go out to defend democracy and the rule of law”

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Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol is moving in a vehicle after a meeting with the staff at the Daegu High Prosecutors’ Office and the District Prosecutor’s Office on the afternoon of the 3rd. yunhap news

At 2 pm on the 4th, Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol expresses his position regarding the move. He announced his resignation position as the prosecutor general with more than four months left in office. An official in the legal profession said, “It seems that Yoon has determined that there is no more work to do while remaining at the prosecution for the protection of democracy and rule of law.”

The Supreme Prosecutor’s Office said on the day, “President Yoon expresses his position at the entrance of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office at 2 pm today.”

President Yoon said that he was thinking about taking a vacation at home this morning. He said that he left for Seoul around 9 pm after finishing the tour schedule for Daegu High Prosecutors’ Office the day before and arrived at his home late at night. When he went on a business trip to the province, Yun went to work late the next day or took a morning vacation. However, the meaning of the vacation on this day was taken differently than usual. This is because it may be a time for President Yoon to decide to take over as he publicly expressed opposition to the promotion of the establishment of the Severe Crime Investigation Office (the Heavy Water Administration) of the passport.

The day before, General Yoon said, “The so-called’complete prosecution’ (complete deprivation of the prosecution’s right to investigate) in progress is a’complete corruption’ that completely smacks corruption, and is a great violation of the constitutional spirit. Raised. At a meeting with employees, he also said a meaningful word, “The’people’s prosecution’ means protecting the people, who are relatively weak, by punishing those who are powerful without noticing the person in charge.” In a recent interview, President Yoon described the promotion of the installation of a heavy water office for the passport as “elimination of the rule of law, regression of democracy,” and “If I walk directly to prevent this, I will bet even 100 times.”

One person around Yoon said, “I’m very concerned about destroying the national system in order to retire my passport,” and said, “I can’t watch anymore, and it will stop when I quit.”

Reporters Kang Kwang-woo and Jung Yu-jin kang.kwangwoo@joongang.co.kr

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