Yoon Seok-yeol pours out anti-labor remarks this time, “52 hours a week is unrealistic”

People’s Strength Presidential Candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, who had been pouring out anti-labor remarks, this time made an argument suggesting an extension of working hours, saying, “The 52-hour workweek is unrealistic.”

Candidate Yoon visited a company in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province on the 30th and said, “The government’s minimum hourly wage system, 52-hour week system, is very unrealistic and interferes with business operation if it is not a simple technical job that requires creative work in small and medium-sized enterprises.” He said, “I didn’t know the realities of the management of small and medium-sized enterprises, and I accepted that it was a lot of pain because of the systems made by the tabletop public opinion, but I will abolish all unrealistic systems.”

With the introduction of the 40-hour workweek system having been 20 years since the introduction of the 40-hour workweek, the recent sudden increase in the ’52-hour workweek’ including overtime is also a problem.

▲ Presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, who visited a company in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, on the 30th. Photo = People’s Power Captain

Statistics and criticism that Korean society suffers from long working hours have continued to come out, but Candidate Yoon seems to have raised the opposite direction. Candidate Yoon has already been criticized for stating, “You should work 120 hours a week and then be able to rest.”

In addition, Candidate Yoon continues to speak anti-labour while ignoring the reality of labor. On the 29th, in relation to the argument that the Labor Standards Act should be applied to workplaces with fewer than 5 employees, even within the People’s Power Party, which did not apply the Labor Standards Act on the 29th, Candidate Yoon said, “If a business operator’s investment motivation or reality is not reflected, as a result, it is a disadvantage to workers. Since you can go back, shouldn’t you be judged by comparison and punishment?”

Also in September, he said, “There is nothing that a person can do with his hands and feet. It is what Africa does,” and was criticized for having a distorted view of labor. Also, it was pointed out that there was no perception of job insecurity by saying, “If there is no big difference in wages, there is no big meaning for non-regular or regular workers” in front of college students.


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