Yoon Seok-yeol, who gave strength to the ‘Two Top’ with a hug… Will the conflict within the party be resolved?

President Yoon Seok-yeol speaks at the 2022 People’s Power National Assembly Members’ Banquet held at the Talent Education Training Institute in Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do on August 25. [사진=연합뉴스]

President Yoon Seok-yeol presented the direction of the state administration towards the people and national interest in a dinner with the people’s power leadership, and asked for cooperation and support from people’s power lawmakers and emergency response members.

Yang Geum-hee, chief spokesperson of People’s Power, said in a written briefing on the 25th, “People’s Power has agreed to fulfill its responsibilities and roles as the ruling party.”

The dinner was attended by 14 people, including emergency committee chairman Jeong Jin-seok, floor leader Joo Ho-young, policy committee chairman Seong Il-jong, general secretary Kim Seok-gi, and six members of the emergency response committee. In the Office of the President, Chief of Staff Kim Dae-ki, Senior Secretary for State Affairs Planning Lee Kwan-seop, Senior Secretary for Political Affairs Lee Jin-bok, Senior Secretary for Public Relations Kim Eun-hye, and the First Secretary for Political Affairs Jeon Hee-kyung was sitting.

The dinner on this day was the first time in 70 days after the formation of the leadership of the emergency committee in September, and led to a meeting and a time to encourage the strength of the emergency committee members for their hard work. Before the dinner, Mrs Kim Kun-hee greeted the members of the emergency committee and introduced them to different parts of the official residence.

President Yoon also shared the diplomatic achievements of that day, such as the topic of the World Cup and meeting with Crown Prince bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. The lunch lasted for approximately 200 minutes from 6:50pm to 10:10pm.

In addition, it is known that President Yoon hugged the state floor leader and Chairman Chung that day. It is interpreted that President Yoon gave strength to the leadership of the ruling party ‘Two Top’ in a situation where an uncomfortable atmosphere was found between the President’s office and the pro-Yun faction (pro-Yun Seok-yeol) in the party over negotiations on the state affairs investigation into the Itaewon massacre led by Joo.

As the president has strengthened power, it seems that the recent dissatisfaction with the main floor leader, which is focused on the ‘pro-Yun’ hardliners in the party, will fade.

Speaker Yang met with reporters at the National Assembly on the 26th, the day after the dinner, and said, “President Yoon held our hands one by one and made them really warm and friendly.”

He added, “The meal was held in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere.”

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