“Yoon Seok-yeol X-Files, Hong Jun-pyo knows it well”… Song Young-gil fuels opposition division

The X-Files controversy over former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol is heating up the political arena every day. Although the reality is still shrouded in veil, it is expected that the battle for authenticity will heat up in the future as it is the so-called ‘verification data’ about former President Yoon, who has the highest approval rating among opposition candidates.

On the 23rd, the ruling and opposition parties increased the offensive level by claiming the opposing camp as the production site of the X-file. Song Young-gil, head of the Democratic Party of Korea, said, “It is presumed that the opposition party organized various data in the process of verifying the prosecutor general’s personnel.” “Independent lawmaker Hong Joon-pyo knows best what former President Yoon did last summer.” “If you want to become president, you have to be more serious (verification) than the extent to which you investigated the family of former Justice Minister Cho Kuk,” Song said.

In response, Rep. Hong said, “I have never seen or know the X-Files,” but “It is really regrettable that there are more than 20 allegations of corruption in him and his family, a former prosecutor general who is a symbol of the law,” and joined the attack on former president Yoon. did. Rep. Hong said through a social networking service (SNS) on the same day, “It is not the right attitude for a person who has always been an inspector to try to avoid verification with the luck of an illegal inspection.” Can it be avoided by luck?” he added.

The power of the people showed a complicated inside in relation to this situation. Kim Jae-won, a member of the People’s Power Supreme Council, claimed that “CEO Song helped the production and distribution,” and the same party lawmaker Seong Il-jong said, “The source of who made it is important,” and aimed at the passport. People’s Power lawmaker Ha Tae-kyung also added, “There is a high possibility that there was an illegal inspection of former President Yoon,” adding, “There is a lot of information that cannot be known unless it is inspected secretly.”

On the other hand, People’s Power Representative Lee Jun-seok said, “Ex-President Yoon is not classified as a member of the party,” and said, “There is no official plan to respond to the X-Files.” It seems to mean that the party will not respond to controversies that can be a bad thing.

Such signs of division in the opposition party are a boon for the Democratic Party, which could not find a reversal card suitable for the ‘Lee Jun-seok phenomenon’. In particular, thanks to the clumsy response message from the former president Yoon, I think that the approach became possible in the ‘Yoon Jeok-yun’ (now Yun Seok-yeol’s enemy in the past, Yoon Seok-yeol).

A senior Democratic Party official pointed out, “The specialty of special prosecutors like former President Yoon is to use the media to lead investigations in an advantageous direction, and that’s how they are being dealt with.” Another Democratic Party official interpreted it as “the beginning of a struggle between forces within the opposition.” He emphasized the fact that political critic Jang Seong-cheol, who sparked the controversy, is a member of the opposition, and emphasized the internal conflict between Yun Seok-yeol and Ban Yun Seok-yeol in the conservative camp. In the political circles, it is also analyzed that it was a mistake to bring up the frame of illegal inspections by himself in a situation where Yoon was the head of the prosecution at the time of the suspicion of illegal inspections by judges.

Meanwhile, the civic group ‘Coalition for Action to Correct the Rule of Law’ filed a complaint with the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office against CEO Song, who first mentioned the existence of the file, and an official from a state agency suspected of being involved in collecting the contents of the file. The civic group said, “If the X-file was created under the direction of CEO Song, this would be a situation in which the author abused his authority and made the author do something he was not obligated to do. In fact, we will file a defamation charge in a timely manner.”

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