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Yoon Seok-yeol, ‘Yang-kim’ instead of ‘3 Kim’… Refusal to join Kim Jong-in?

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In Power of the People, it is known that the predecessors will be operated as a ‘three-kim system’ such as Kim Jong-in, Kim Byung-jun, and Kim Han-gil, but it is creaking from the beginning.

Kim Jong-in, former chairman of the National Assembly, was in a position to ask for more time, so I decided to start with Yang Kim instead of 3 Kim.

Reporter Lee Ho-chan reports what the circumstances are.

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The People’s Power Supreme Council meeting started 15 minutes later than planned due to the lengthy pre-meeting, but the resolution agenda was not the so-called ‘three Kims’ announced yesterday.

Candidate Seok-Yeol Yoon put on the agenda only the resolutions of the two standing election committee chairs, Kim Byung-jun and Lee Jun-seok.

[윤석열/국민의힘 대선후보]

“(Chairman Kim Jong-in, general election chairman) asked for a little more time for a day or two, so I’ll do that when he finally decides to post it.”

Yesterday evening, former Chairman Kim Jong-in asked a third party to delay putting himself on the top agenda.

The situation changed just one day after announcing the ‘Three Kim System’ saying that there was no problem in communication between Kim Jong-in, Kim Byung-jun, and Kim Han-gil, and as for the reason, Candidate Yoon said that he did not know exactly why.

[윤석열/국민의힘 대선후보]

“Everyone, please do your research. I don’t know exactly what.”

In a phone call with MBC, a party official said, “Ex-Chairman Kim Byung-joon is still in a negative position about the permanent election of Chairman Kim Byung-jun and the ‘three-kim system’.”

There were also observations that former Chairman Kim refused to join the predecessor committee itself, but Chairman Kim, who met reporters at the Gwanghwamun office, refused to answer, saying he had nothing to say.

[김종인/국민의힘 전 비대위원장]

“I don’t know what to say, so I have nothing to say.”

Former Chairman Kim also denied that he had never said such a thing about Candidate Yoon’s explanation that he would spend a day or two more to ponder.

Candidate Yoon’s side expects former Chairman Kim to join soon, but has postponed the launch of the election to early December.

This is Lee Ho-chan from MBC News.

Video Editing: Moon Cheol-Hak

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