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Yoon Seok-yeol’s approval rating in Honam soars to 27.8%… ‘Lee Nak-yeon’s role theory’ on the rise of the Democratic Party

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Enter 2021-11-23 15:36 | Edited 2021-11-23 16:40

▲ Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung (left) and former Democratic Party leader Lee Nak-yeon. ⓒ Reporter Lee Jong-hyun

While various opinion polls recently showed that candidate Yoon Seok-yeol for People’s Strength had a 20% approval rating in Honam, the ‘role theory of Lee Nak-yeon’ emerged from the Democratic Party of Korea.

In a phone call on the 23rd, a member of the Democratic Party’s election committee said, “The decline in approval ratings in Honam, the traditional support base of our party, is a very bad sign for an election that could lead to a bilateral confrontation. If Lee Nak-yeon, former CEO, takes an active role, it can be sufficiently offset.”

The reason why some inside the Democratic Party wants former Chairman Lee to enter the presidential election phase comes as a recent opinion poll shows that some of the Honam people’s feelings are passed on to Candidate Yoon.

According to a multilateral competition survey on ‘the next presidential candidate’s approval rating’ announced by the Korea Social Opinion Research Institute (KSOI) on the 8th, Candidate Yoon recorded 16.6% in the Honam region. Democratic presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung had an approval rating of 53.0 percent. A week later, on the 15th, Yoon’s approval rating soared by 10.4 percentage points in Honam to 27%. This candidate had an approval rating of 62.8%.

In the same survey on the 22nd, Candidate Yoon’s approval rating in Honam fell 8.7 percentage points to 18.3 percent, close to 20 percent. The candidate’s approval rating was 64.4%.

In a regular survey conducted by People Networks Research (PNR) commissioned by the New Daily and Sisa Gyeongnam, the approval rate of Candidate Yoon in Honam was in the 20% range. After the party primary, Candidate Yoon showed approval ratings of 22.0% (7 days) → 22.8% (14 days) → 27.8% (21 days) in Honam. During the same period, the approval rating of Candidate Lee was 49.2% (7 days) → 59% (14 days) → 56.8% (21 days).

In 2012 presidential election, Park Geun-hye was elected with 10% approval from Honam

In the Democratic Party, it is analyzed that this phenomenon is a hiatus from the ‘Myeong-nak Daejeon’ that took place during the Democratic primary.

A first-elected member of the Democratic Party said, “I think that those who supported Lee Nak-yeon, who is from Honam, are expressing their broken hearts differently. Worried.

In fact, in Honam, which is called the Democratic Party’s garden, the percentage of votes received by the conservative party was directly related to victory or defeat. In particular, he showed the power to decide victory or defeat in the quantum structure.

President Moon Jae-in won 89.96% of the votes in Honam during the 18th presidential election in 2012, which was held in a bilateral confrontation with former President Park Geun-hye. At the time, former President Park, who was a candidate for the Saenuri Party (the predecessor of the People’s Power), received 10.5 percent of the vote. It was the first time for a conservative party candidate to exceed 10% of the vote in Honam since the direct system in 1987. Using this as a stepping stone, in the 18th presidential election, former President Park won 51.6% of the votes and won a new victory by only 3.6%p over President Moon (48.0%).

“If you want to appeal to Lee Nak-yeon, you have to think about it.”

In the 2017 19th presidential election, which was a multilateral structure, President Moon’s voter turnout in Honam fell to 61.99%. This is because candidate Ahn Cheol-soo (28.2%), the presidential candidate of the People’s Party based in Honam at the time, eroded the votes in Honam. Hong Jun-pyo, a conservative party candidate at the time, of the Liberty Korea Party (predecessor to the People’s Power), received only 2.52 percent of approval in Honam.

Although President Moon’s Honam vote rate fell compared to the 18th presidential election, the remaining Honam votes did not flow into the conservative party and flowed into candidate Ahn. In the end, President Moon (41.1%) was elected in a multilateral situation, beating out Hong Jun-pyo (24%) and Ahn Cheol-soo (21.4%).

Former leader Lee, whom the Democratic Party is looking forward to, is now known to travel around the country to comfort supporters who supported him in the previous primary. Former leader Lee, who served as a permanent adviser to the Democratic Party’s election committee, has not officially appeared since the inauguration ceremony of the Democratic Party’s election committee on the 9th.

“If you want to appeal to former President Lee Jae-myung, you have to show more sincerity and consideration,” said a member of the Democratic Party of Korea, Jung-jin.

For a detailed outline and content of the opinion poll cited in the article, please refer to the website of the National Election Opinion Survey Deliberation Committee.

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