Yoonhoo → Choo Sarang ‘Follow Me Now’, the arrival of LAN’s 1st generation nephew[종합]

‘Follow Me Now’ marks a period of rapid growth from the first generation LAN nephews.

At 11 am on the 23rd, the presentation of the tvN STORI production and tvN’s new entertainment program ‘Follow me now’ was broadcast live through the YouTube channel on the 23rd A woman in love appeared.

‘Follow Me Now’ is a reality show of a journey to repay the favor of first generation nephews, who have grown up physically and mentally by charming LAN Korean aunts and uncles, leading their fathers to travel. The presentation of the production was originally scheduled to take place on the 8th, but as tvN STORI and tvN confirmed simultaneous broadcasts, the programming was postponed and held today.

The presentation of the production was pre-recorded in August.

Regarding ‘Follow Me Now’, PD Jeon Seong-ho said, “Don’t you see many friends growing around you? In a way, after a while, they all become people for the first time, but these friends remain as my nephews. I designed this program to find out what my friends and their fathers think, hoping they will grow up well.”

When told that the process of recruiting first-generation LAN nephews would not have been easy, PD Jeon Seong-ho said, “It was difficult. In Lee Jong-hyuk’s case as well, he said, ‘Isn’t it supposed to be a memory?’, and the people around me also said, ‘What kind of feeling is that feeling that continues?’ But I think the reason you made the decision was some sort of expectation. I also have sons and daughters the same age, and I thought, ‘How will it feel when they carry me around?’ I don’t think that kind of feeling worked,” he said.

The fathers also said that they had a lot of trouble with the proposal. Lee Dong-guk said, “Jaesi told me such a story once. He said, ‘Dad wasn’t by my side because he only spent time filming with his younger brothers.’ When I looked back, my mother was the only one there when I needed my father, and there weren’t many memories of the trip together or pictures of the two of them. So, I thought it would be an opportunity to build strong memories through this opportunity.”

In addition, Lee Jong-hyuk said, “Dad, where are you going, you got a lot of love? So, when I was invited to take part in this programme, I thought, ‘Is it really necessary?’ Some of you may be wondering, ‘Are you here yet?’ Some of you may want to. Junsu is still a baby in my eyes. I did this in the hope that the people who loved me when I was young would show a lot of interest in it.”

He said he felt the children had grown a lot while filming. Chu Seong-hoon said, “In the past, I had to take a shower, brush my teeth, and wear pajamas, but these days I take a bath and dry myself. At that time, I also wanted to do it behind the scenes, so I was waiting, but he did it all by himself. And sometimes we fight Now that I have my own personality and thoughts, I think that’s good too. When I look at him like that, I think, ‘You’ve grown a lot’.”

On the other hand, Jonghyuk Lee said, “Hyung was originally taller, but when he wakes up after sleeping he’s taller. He is now 184.3 cm tall and his feet are 300 mm. My shoes don’t fit. But in my eyes, he still looks like a baby.” Yoon Min-soo also said, “Yun-hoo is taller than me. I feel great when I wear the clothes I used to wear for Yoon-hoo and wear the shoes together. Also, while traveling, I was glad to see Yunhoo trying to lead well as the eldest hyung.”

If so, how did the children feel when traveling with their father? Jaeshi Lee said, “My father has good physical strength. So even if you make a difficult plan, everything will follow, so that’s cool. On the other hand, my father snores very seriously. That’s why they say, ‘If I sleep first, Dad goes to sleep,’ but Dad always sleeps first.” Chu Sarang said, “I like my dad because he strong. It’s also good for rock paper scissors. But when I eat a lot of meat, I want to say ‘why am I doing this'”, making everyone laugh.

Finally, PD Jeon Seong-ho concluded the presentation of the production by revealing the points to watch the program. A former PD said, “You can think of ‘Follow Me Now’ as just a travel story, but you learn a lot more than you think. Fathers follow the children’s lead without knowing it.

Sometimes dads make great trips, other times they plan trips where they have to overcome something. Parents and children can watch such a thing together and say, ‘You should plan a trip once’, and you will be able to get hints of their relationship with each other. Please watch a lot.”

Meanwhile, ‘Follow Me Now’ will premiere on the 23rd at 9 PM.

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