Yoshida Shuhei, the head of Sony’s independent game development project, believes that maintaining normal prices can support the continued growth of the game market

Shuhei Yoshida, who currently leads the independent developer development program under Sony Interactive Entertainment, further explained the design ideas behind the new version of the PlayStation Plus subscription service when interviewed at Gamesindustry’s GI Live game seminar. biz in London, England. Maintaining a custom game pricing strategy is also believed to be the key to maintaining continued market growth.


Compared to Microsoft’s announcement that most new games will enter the Xbox Game Pass subscription service on launch day, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s current market strategy still maintains the established sales model of physical discs or versions digital when the new major works are launched.

Yoshida Shuhei said, just like when a movie is initially released, it will be released through movie theaters in different regions. After a period of time, it will be converted to CD sales or made available for use on digital content platforms. It is believed that the same sales model applies to the game market, according to different time periods Points provide individual sales and pricing models, so that game creators can get more profit and ensure a longer game life cycle.

Before this, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, had actually publicly opposed the use of game content through subscription. He believed that although this business model would attract many people to subscribe, it would difficult for game developers to gain maximum profit. In Yoshida Shuhei’s view, he further explained the idea of ​​a new version of the PlayStation Plus subscription service later launched by Sony Interactive Entertainment, hoping to extend the game’s life cycle through ancillary means.

Yoshida Shuhei said that players are willing to pay for new games that are worth playing, and game developers will also create better game work for more profit, which will lead to a positive cycle in the game market. And through the new version of PlayStation Plus subscription service, in addition to providing more service content suitable for players, the most important thing is to make many classic games and game content worth playing again to attract players to play , and even make it possible to miss the game launch time, or don’t think Players who play later can have easier access to game content, and it can also attract more players to play a certain series of titles game.

And Yoshida Shuhei also revealed that Sony Interactive Entertainment will continue to adjust the content provided by the new version of the PlayStation Plus subscription service, so it will not rule out other modes suitable for players in the future, but the main aim is to extend the game play life cycle as much as possible.

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